1. A

    Great Autumn colours

  2. del320

    Perthshire in Autumn

    Just back from short break in Pitlochry. Although I know the area like the back of my hand, it's been years since we covered the area in such detail. One Scottish loch in autumn may look like any other, but we thought it all jolly nice! Sorry I can't compete with *** (banned) for...
  3. sssammm

    Brooklands Autumn Classic Breakfast

    Brooklands Breakfast, October 27th Brooklands Autumn Classic Breakfast - Brooklands Museum The last breakfast of the year, always an enjoyable meet
  4. S

    Touring: The last of Autumn in Perthsire

    I decided as the Autumn colours were going to be leaving us and that last months tour was such a success that I owed it to myself to get up early, pack the Nikons and do a final 2012 tour. I decided to focus my attentions on Perthshire, despite it being IMHO being a let down in scenery...
  5. del320

    Autumn pruning

    Neighbours two along are presently having 30 yards of 12 foot high Leylandii hedging removed. And they're not mucking about!
  6. D-18

    Killin time....a wee run in the Autumn

    Wasn't at work today, so decided to take the bike out for a little jaunt before it gets locked away in the garage for the winter. Headed over to the Trossachs and Aberfoyle, then up over the Dukes Pass. This is a great road, but caution was required today as the surface varied constantly from...
  7. grober

    Autumn leaves.

    With the news that the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is to build its all electric Nissan LEAF electric car at its plant in the UK and this vehicle should have the ability to be recharged from your home electricity supply the main question is HOW IS THE GOVERNMENT GOING TO "FUEL " TAX...
  8. BTB 500

    Anybody going to the Malvern Autumn Show tomorrow?

    If so look out for us in the Activity Arena at 10:10 and 14:30 :) CSJ Final 2009
  9. R

    Gratuitous Autumn Photos

    It had been my intention to take my car, when it was clean, to a country park and get some decent photos. Those of you who have a long memory know that I'm into photography and have had some good results from time to time. The following photos aren't mine they were taken by my 10 year old on his...
  10. Shude

    Autumn Forum Logo Vote

    Time to vote! Brian's W211: Dorian's R129: Grav888's W210: Group of Vivianite W202: Group of GTG cars: Pammy's R170: Plugger's W202: We should probably close this in just two days to keep it topical...
  11. Shude

    Autumn forum logo

    It has been mentioned that it's time for a new forum logo! You have up to ONE WEEK from today to post a pic in this thread of your own car in an autumn scene. Please remember that it is the members that will decide which pic ends up being the logo, and that it doesn't matter which model of...
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