1. I


    Does anyone else ride? I've just bought my childhood dream bike - a 1989 Honda VFR750FK and looking for a specialist for servicing in the South.
  2. A

    Bikers pub closed

    Bit bored yesterday so went for a blast up the A537 Cat&Fiddle road, famous with all the bikers and to my shock and horror it's closed:eek: This was one pub I thought would never go, but like so meny good pubs they are all closing at an alarming rate :wallbash: So I ended up going Darby...
  3. dan-mb

    Bikers with a death wish video

    Nothing against bikers but these two...well make up your own mind.
  4. Alfie

    Yamaha RD350B - one for the 70's bikers amongst us!

    As one or two of you know I have been restoring an old 1976 Yamaha RD350B over the last few months. Well its now finished and I thought id share a few pictures with you;
  5. developer

    For Bikers Of A Certain Vintage

    I had one of these in Pepsi colours - they were the best executed of the race reps (IMO), but these are a lot of money. UK bikes were 95bhp/340lbs in the late 80's :thumb:. Suzuki RG 500 X 2.... Both "Brand New" Never Started.. Both Blue / White | eBay
  6. tonyc280


    New government figures show that their are 30 yes 30 Bikers fatally injured or injured at junctions every day in the UK. I can honestly say that being a Biker myself this horrifies me and beginning to wonder when it's my turn.
  7. balge

    Bloody bikers...

    Watch What This Biker Did To An Elderly Man (Video) Typical! Just saying.
  8. Harrythedog

    One for the old bikers

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  9. Justin1600

    Bikers ! Treated my self to a new Crash helmet

    A new Crash helmet for my collection :D one of the best out there.
  10. developer

    For Bikers Of A Certain Vintage

    Donnington Park Classic and Modern Japanese and European Motorcycle Show - today. There weren't as many bikes as the webpage enticed you with, but still a tenner well spent. Fizzy's and a Garelli - proper tool me back: A pair of giant killers: Some Concours ready for judging: The...
  11. cinek

    Top bullies - Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC. You have your young child and your wife in the car, you get jumped by pack of angry mob who provokes and then want to lynch you... I just cannot believe that something like this went on in a major city, in a broad light. After reading...
  12. developer

    For you late 70's early 80's bikers

    Ok, so they are only models, but they are quality models and gave me a little nostalgic moment. The last one is mine (though the blue is too light) and I've still got it, having bought it in 1986 :thumb:.
  13. Richard W

    Any of you folk bikers? A chance to ride a prototype!!!!

    Looking for bikers (the motorised kind :) ) in the Farnborough area who would be interested in attending a customer 'clinic'. This is where a manufacturer shows prototypes and in this case a lucky few will get to ride them.:bannana: You must be a bike owner and your bike should be younger...
  14. M

    Dare I say it, any bikers on MBClub?

    I'm not sure if Mercedes drivers and bikers are a common combination, but anyway, I'm a biker and wondered if anyone else here currently rides and if so, what have ya got? Me? TL1000s, 2006 R6 trackbike and 2010 GSX-R600..
  15. Steve_B

    Give bikers a break....

    ...preferably by opening your car door on this one at just the right time :wallbash: Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade - Snotr
  16. mymini007

    Any mountain bikers on here?

    As above really, I like to get out on the bike of a weekend, and get a bit muddy, anyone else.
  17. nickg

    One for bikers

    I normally get my bike serviced at Rex Judd in West Hampstead as its easy to stop off to/from working in the west end. They've gone bust! Can anyone recommend an alternate bike service/MOT business , ideally in/near ther West End or on the northern side of it? For info my bike is an '05...
  18. greggster

    Bikers help please!

    Hi all fellow bikers - a quick ideas list needed for a new bike - i have a few ideas but think i must be missing a load of options, all help greatky appreciated. The brief is; £2k ish main use myself and the wife fair weather day trips obviously needs to be good for pillion use good for slow...
  19. C

    Want a Motorbike - any bikers here?

    One of my friends has recently got back into biking and bought a lovely looking Triumph speed-triple. I have never riden a motorbike on the road and have always been very, very wary of them after my cousin lost a kidney and broke most of his bones in a motorbike accident (not his fault)...
  20. B


    Just got back from a day of motorbike training with the Bike Safe London organisation. run by the Met police its a one day course designed to increase your skills, confidence and cut down on the accident rates. 0845 meet with a briefing and couple of presentations on safety and filtering then...
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