1. R

    Blast from the past.. My first Merc

    Going through some old photos and found this.. my first ever Mercedes, bought just after my 18th birthday for the princely sum of £300 (Not including the Brabus replicas). Bottom half was originally grey with black bumpers, which I sprayed myself with some trusty rattle-cans from Halfords. What...
  2. daveenty

    Vacuum cleaners

    Not a "which model" or anything like that, but does anyone know if it's possible to slow the motor down on one using a dimmer type switch? I have a little Vax Mach8 which is currently being used as part of a dust extraction system in a blast cabinet, though at the moment it's much too powerful...
  3. D


    Thinking of taking the car for a blast today and wondered if South Wales might be a good choice for some quiet roads to enjoy this morning?
  4. D

    Blast Off!

    Well, just had our very first outside breakfast of the year. Not rushed, sun shining, radio on in the background and great conversation with my two girls. No better start to a beautiful Sunday. In addition to this we've had a family meeting (60 second chat) and going for our first BBQ of the...
  5. Scooby_Doo

    A blast from the past - 1994

    Found these two articles in the midst of my old car magazine collection, one is from "What Car" 1994 and the other "Autocar" 1994. Are Mercedes back in this position again.
  6. C

    ABC - Damn and blast! Need NW specialist!

    Hi all, I urgently need a NW England specialist who knows and understands ABC. For a long time now my car has been sinking at the front when left and although it pumps back up again when you start it the length of time it takes before sinking has been gradually decreasing. The car had a...
  7. D

    A Sunday morning blast

    Got up nice and early this morning to take the C32 out for a good blast, I've not been able to drive it the past few days due to the wheels being refurbed and repainted. Headed south from Doncaster along the Great North road before joining the A631 heading eastwards before then picking up the...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Blast from the Past

    On 28 January 1938, the Mercedes-Benz W 125 record-breaking car set a world speed record on a public road which still stands to this day: a speed of 432.7 km/h was achieved by Rudolf Caracciola. The original vehicle is now showcased to impressive effect at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. "Time and...
  9. S

    South Coast Blast - Sunday 27th Jan

    If anyone is interested there will be a group meeting up for a drive around Portsmouth area, 16 cars have signed up so far and 8 are AMG's. Its being organised on PH but if anyone is interested and not a member on there just post here and I will put your name down. The only ones I...
  10. R

    Damm and Blast

    I sent my red kompressor rocker plate cover to be powder coated black. Guess what its gone missing via the post office.I gave them a box with the stamps on so it was easy to post back. Has any one got a spare one ???????????? or the part number?? R170449 2.3 facelift MY2000 Theres one on...
  11. DSLiverpool

    Lovely day in the North West - First topless blast in the SL55 - nope

    Sun shining through the bedroom window, Mrs with plans of her own - perfect scenario for some SL55 roadside filth in North Wales but no - bodywork problem. Not the cars - mine, midnight gout attack and my right big toe is throbing and Im in agony, its all I can do (after downing pain killers)...
  12. M

    R129 top down blast

    Lovely day today up here in the North West. I took the roadster for a blast in the hills with the roof down. What joy, spring is in the air. Famous last words; now we will get 4 feet of snow next week. But the good weather is fun whilst it lasts.
  13. Londonscottish

    2400 mile blast across France in E500

    I just got back from my 2400 mile blast across France in the E500. The holiday was fabulous as was the car. The air suspension swallowed up everything I could throw at it (from fully-laden-plus-roof-box motorway blasts to unladen twisty-bashing). The four zone air con came into it's own in...
  14. A

    the sun was shining, so we went out for a blast

    Beautiful day, the sun was shining, I was up to date with work, kids were at school, E55 on the drive with almost a full tank of fuel - The (National Limit) roads over the South Downs were calling. Windows down, sunroof open, almost empty roads, 100 miles (without really going anywhere and...
  15. KillerHERTZ

    (Wii) Bomberman Blast - WiiWare 8player Online

    As per my reply in the Wii MarioKart thread, Ive just downloaded this from the WiiWare shop for 1000points and its amazing fun, anyone fancy a game tonight? My friend code is: 0044 5646 1826 Any of you already have it?
  16. grober

    w124 blast from the past (german style)

    Came across these w124 archive how to's on a German site. Some of em work some refer to articles no longer available. here's a selection. Rear door strut on an estate...
  17. L

    TV show blast from the past

    All I can say is Globbits
  18. renmure

    What a blast!! CLK content.

    I had my 1st proper "spirited" drive in the CLK 320 Cabrio today. Yee ha.. what a hoot it was. A fairly familiar 40 miles of cross country A / B roads plus a wee bit of Motorway which I have "enjoyed" in a few other cars and today, in lovely sunshine, it was a great drive.... and back again...
  19. R

    Damm and blast

    I was all geared up for a mid service oil change today,purchased the oil/oil filter/special tool to remove the filter,went round my pals house.Removed the under shield and guess what?no sump plug:crazy: My question is i have seen an oil extracter made by sealy that will suck the oil out of...
  20. Satch

    Blast from the past

    trivial compared to the miseries recently posted but early this morning heard something I thought was long extinct. Not the sound of a passing Dodo. Nor indeed the call of the Ouzelum Bird. It was the mating cry of the Lesser Spotted Blue ****d Nova Chav, aka The Little Surrey Bustard...
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