1. poormansporsche

    Blimey !!!

    could be of use to somebody !!! 30x OZ RACING FUTURA MITO CARLSSON und andere FELGENMITTENTEILE STERNE CENTERS | eBay 4 brand new futura centres for 400 euro etc etc :eek:
  2. poormansporsche

    Blimey !

    Mercedes-Benz C 36 AMG*Unikat*Schaltgetriebe 5.Gang*1.H in in Nattheim | eBay
  3. P

    Blimey, even buying discs is sought

    Morning all i am looking to buy front discs and pads for my 2003 CLK 320 convertible. There seems to be a choice between 288mm and lucas calipers and 300mm discs. How do I know which I need? Thanks
  4. developer

    Bananas - blimey!

    No source (probably the Banana Producers Association ;)) but if true, it's very interesting - shared for the greater health good of forum members. After reading this, you?ll never look at a banana in the same way again. - Mind Blowing Facts
  5. twixfits

    Blimey... £25K 190 2.3 Cosworth ... Sold!

    Not ebay but..... Mercedes 2.3 16v Cosworth » 4Star Classics
  6. billywhiz

    E55 Ecu reset - Blimey !!

    Did the 'soft ecu reset' on the 55 on Saturday. Pulled out at the bottom of the drive, pushed the magic pedal and oh my god. Car is in untamed mode, felt like i'd hit it with a nitros button, felt like the tyres lit up - Ok so I know these ecu's are adaptive and for most of the time I drive...
  7. arkamelis

    blimey how much

    went to get a price from mbd for the pipe kit that fits to the top of the injectors, has my cars been playing up starting, takes a few turns of the key to get it going, but soon fires up. i had some surguestions from site, that the fuel is probly running back and not maintaining pressure, has...
  8. D

    W123 coupe - blimey!

    1978 MERCEDES 230 CW COUPE AUTO WHITE on eBay (end time 17-Oct-09 18:33:04 BST) Optimism is alive!
  9. punjabi

    Blimey! W124 Fit or not?

    Quite nice ........but at ET46, 7.5J wheel fitted with 225/55/17 boots, will they go on W124 300TE without any problem?
  10. uumode

    Blimey incar camcorder! (bottom) I thought it was for catching people cutting you up! Or for people jumping roundabouts :D Amazing..
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