1. E63AMG

    A bit or Chinese eBay bling [emoji23]

    Not for everybody granted, but worth a play for £20! Should be good for a couple of bhp & a couple of tenths off the 0-60 mph time.
  2. Crazyfool

    Anyone for a little bit of bling?

    White gold!
  3. smoothrider

    bling bling bumper chromes

    Helloooo Anyone got any tips on cleaning W126 bumper chromes and window trims? What products techniques are good? Are they even actually chrome? ta!
  4. smoothrider

    bling bling!

    Well, been promising her a full body massage for a while now. Got round to it today - scrubs up nice eh?
  5. Howard

    Super bling 8 holes

    :eek: Mercedes 8.0x16" Fully Polished 8 Hole Wheels Split AMG BBS OZ Chrome | eBay
  6. artyman

    Wheel Bling

    Possibly OK for a BMW but perhaps a bit ostentatious for a Merc :D Sick Glow In The Dark Rims On BMW 7 Series! - YouTube
  7. R

    Brabus Bling

    Guys, seen these Brabus split rims on the dreaded flea bay (BRABUS MONOBLOCK III 18'' SPLIT 3 PIECE ULTRA RARE on eBay (end time 04-Feb-11 22:23:33 GMT)), couple of questions from your good selves; - will these fit a R129 SL? - would these have been spec'd for a R129 SL? - are they too...
  8. M

    There's bling and then there's what the hell is that???

    Gold and Ruby Encrusted McLaren SLR 999 | LUXUO Luxury Blog
  9. Howard

    Bling sill covers for a168 a class

    Mercedes-Benz A Class Kick Plates on eBay (end time 10-Oct-10 20:22:03 BST) I've got a set of these and they really cheer the car up :cool:
  10. 6pot

    Amg bling!

    Genuine Mercedes Benz AMG Swarovski Boot Badge A C E on eBay (end time 03-Aug-10 16:13:13 BST) Footballer spec AMG Badge...very tastfull:wallbash: And some performance bling a little more usefull...
  11. Iain

    Bling Bling

    Mercedes S Class 20 inch CHROME ALLOY WHEELS on eBay (end time 04-Nov-09 23:16:19 GMT) Bling or what?:eek:
  12. S17MMA

    Now this is what i call bling!!!

    BINGO!! :bannana:
  13. BaldGuy

    Mercedes USB Bling Key

    Just bought one of this.... gimmicky Bling USB stick..... MERCEDES BENZ E C class CLK ML Key 2GB USB Memory SticK - eBay (item 170390447578 end time Oct-14-09 02:29:06 PDT)
  14. Baron_Samedi

    What is the most "Bling" Phone

    This side of a Vertu device? I'm thinking the N95 has had its day and want something that draws attention down the golf club. What phone is gonna make the bar lady think I am a prospect and not the lawn jockey?
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Cheap 'Bling' star steering wheel + airbag

  16. Chris Akabusi

    Bling Bling D&G Watch for sale

    Got this watch for Christmas but i don't like it, its too flashy for me! Brand new, never worn Thought i'd offer it on here first before putting it on ebay They seem to be going for anything between £80 - £100+
  17. A

    W124 Bling Mirrors

    Hi everybody, I'm a new member having recently bought a 1995 W124 E220 Cabriolet. Trouble is the previous owner fitted the bling mirrors with the LED indicators. The passenger side is currently flashing when it's in the mood, but I can't figure out how to get it off to check the connections. Is...
  18. E

    Bling my SL

    Diamond encrusted Merc :crazy: Diamond encrusted Merc This diamond-bodied Mercedes SL was shown at an auto show in Dubai to "celebrate" the 50th anniversary of the SL family. From a distance the car looks like it is covered in glitter, but it is in fact coated with diamonds. It wasn't...
  19. coupe deville

    unmolested or a bit of bling ?

    hi guys those of you who read my first post will know i'm enjoying my first ownership experience of the mercedes benz automobile and having bought a coupe that was as it left the factory [not counting 15 years of wear and tear] i intended to keep it original but after looking at some of the cars...
  20. A

    Added some bling to the ML

    Added some bling to my ML today. My wife finds it hard to get in and out of the truck being only small :) :) so while I quite like the look and I like chrome they should provide some use? The exhaust back box is a genuine AMG one and I think finished the back off nicely. Lovely and chrome...
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