1. demetrios

    Blinking hazards on 500 SL

    Hi guys, Had my car serviced and MOT 2 weeks ago. Everything went superb, no advisory on MOT either which is good for 1992 yr model. Yesterday my car started getting some erratic hazard light flashing as I'm driving. The orange lamp in dash come on to say bulb is out but all my lights are...
  2. B

    95 W202 C180 rear mirror/door red lights blinking after unlocking

    Hello fans of mbclub! I just joined the club and hope to be here for good. I drive a 1995 W202 C180 ESPRIT. I've come to love this motor for its endurance and simplicity. But for the past few months till now only the red light indicator on the door handle and rear mirror flashes when locking and...
  3. alistairgd

    Blinking foglights on Skodas and Seats

    What's the deal with the foglights/driving lights on Skodas and Seats that only one side lights up when going around a bend? I really hope my C-Class isn't doing that as it seems utterly pointless to me. Can anyone explain what the idea is behind that?
  4. S

    Intermittent lights ( keep blinking)

    Hi I recently brought a 99 plate a class 1.7cdi and have noticed that all the lights seem to blink? I have checked all fuses and the battery is fine, but now I'm stuck because dint really want to buy new alternator if I don't have to and that's the only solution I can come up with, so any idea,s plz
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Next mod: W210 Blinking Mirrors onto a W202

    Onto my next mod, ive got hold of a set of facelift folding W210 mirrors :bannana: Few questions: 1) What is the best option, change the connector on the car to a W210 one, or change the connector on the actual mirror to a W202? or can I simply use the existing connector on my old mirrors...
  6. andy27168

    210 folding, blinking door mirror

    Hi, Saw this on E-bay, brand new folding blinking mirror less cover. Thought it might interest someone.
  7. NW_Merc

    W210 blinking mirrors White - blinking mirrors...
  8. NW_Merc

    Got me a pair of W210 blinking mirrors

    Whooo waaa..... paid 116 quid for them from ebay germany, via wire transfer too, great communication and service. Now all I have to do is fit them. :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: My car is white, the covers are black, is it worth painting them to my car colour or buying white ones instead?
  9. NW_Merc

    W210 blinking mirrors? No? Why not just use 3M tape? :rolleyes:
  10. Nik_Endeavour

    w202 w210 Blinking Mirrors I am thinking of these myself actually
  11. NW_Merc

    W210 blinking mirrors for w202 Not long left
  12. NW_Merc

    Wanted W210 blinking mirrors

    Folding or unfolding with W202 plug if possible so they are ready for plug and play :bannana:
  13. mickl

    non blinking indicators when locking up

    the indicators have stopped blinking and there's no beep when I lock up using the remote, car still locks up fine. anyone any ideas if it's an easy fix?
  14. B

    W210 Blinking Mirrors?

    Hi all, I've fitted a pair of w210 blinking mirrors on my c class but they are not the folding in ones, can some sort of kit be brought to make them folding in ones :confused:
  15. BenzComander

    How much for blinking mirrors??

    Hi everybody, After my drivers side mirror recently melted:crazy: I am on the lookout for a replacement. Read on here that the mirror glass is £200 (It's auto dimming?) Is this true, and if so can I only get it from Merc? Secondly, if this is the case I have been quoted £120 each for...
  16. P

    W210 Blinking Mirrors...............

    i know its a long shot, but has anyone got a set of folding door mirrors from the late w210, preferably in obsidian black for transplant onto my w202...........:rock:
  17. B

    W210 Blinking Electric Heated / Folding Mirrors

    Hi all! A pair of w210 (E-Class) facelift wingmirrors in Silver. They are heated and folding type. Come complete with the mirror glass included of course :) There are a few little marks on the mirror covers, but nothing major at all. Oh, these are from a RHD Car aswell :) £225...
  18. SilverSaloon

    blinking mirrors on ebay

    not mine:
  19. McGreggor

    W202 Blinking mirror options

    Is there only the one option open to W202's for blinking mirrors? I know the E class mirrors, with just the tip of the mirror for illumination fit, but I've seen other mercs with a stip of led lights covering most of the mirror, do these fit too?
  20. GRAV888

    Blinking mirrors W202 / W210

    I am selling these mirrors that I recently bought from Sym as I don't want to lose the dimming feature on my standard ones. Price £200 + postage.
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