Bored at work - scary results!

    Hi, Sat in my office today, which is in the area of a scrap yard, and bored I used a website my friend had let me know about. It basically tells you the make and model of the car, and whether it is insured (or at least on the database) or not when you enter the registration number. I entered...
  2. A

    I bet your bored of giving advice about a W210

    Hi, Looking to get a E320 2002 (so face lift model) Estate Diesel. I have just spent the last hour or so reading the forums and truly terrified about this rust issue. ALTHOUGH, there are glimmers of hope and people not having any problems with seemingly getting luck with the right car. Is...
  3. comports

    Christmas Fun - If you're bored..!

    If you get bored try these... Lightup the Christmas tree.. Others here but not that good Breakout More...
  4. Godot

    What to do when bored, driving through France! :rock::bannana::)
  5. R

    Bored Modding!

    I had no mods to do today so I changed the side lights to PIAA Extreme Whites. The photo shows left standard , right new. Worth it??
  6. janner

    Bored with your Veyron's 1001bhp?

    Then send it to Pegaso and get it modded. :eek:
  7. chrispy

    Barry Boys - If you're bored and want a laugh at the Chavs motors

    I found this site a while ago and whenever i'm depressed and need a laugh at all the chav'ed up motors on the road I just visit this site :D Appologies if this link has been posted before.
  8. Hanzz

    Bored? Play This Fun Game! :lol: How well do you do? ? :D ;) :p
  9. WLeg

    Bored at work ?

    try putting inurl:/view/index.shtml into google.....
  10. Steve_Perry

    For those who are bored with their yacht

    How about one of these??? Your own personal luxury submarine, the Phoenix 1000! :eek: :crazy: Gizmodo Link Manufacturer's Link "Dear Santa," - heh better start early. :rolleyes: S.
  11. B

    "Bored" yobs

    Afternoon all, Just heard from my Dad that someone has pulled a side panel off his Brabus CL (and nicked it) - just to get the flippin tiny Brabus badge...why why why :confused: Police comment was that 'it was probably bored youngsters looking for something to do'. The implication...
  12. Sp!ke

    Try this when you're bored

    Think these guys get bored regularly
  13. BenzComander

    Friday! Bored of Freecell, any advice?

    Need a new game to pass the time of day! Cant use Flash or download executable files any body got any advice? Know it's a longshot :D Cheers,
  14. PJH

    Bored ? Ch4 Ultimate Car Quiz

    1,000 questions here
  15. pammy

    If you're bored......

    This should keep you occupied for a while - you might have to read The Prayer for the Stressed on the odd occasion though :rolleyes: ;) :D
  16. Tan

    O/T How bored am I?

    O/T How board am I? :confused: I Scored 77%
  17. Koolvin


    click meh
  18. Koolvin


    I was bored so I done some improvments! Dunno if this should go in electronics or not - basically I Weatherproofed and sound proofed my door. First take your door card off... Look at the ugly old plastic weatherproof sheet (pre face lift w202's have 'crap' plastic) Clean the panel as...
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