1. Meldrew2

    Bored? Me too. That's why i wrote this quiz...

    A quiz for people with far too much time on their hands, written by someone who is sitting, totally bored, at work. Name the song that couldn't exist if… eg: Dolly Parton worked the night shift = 9 to 5 1. Alice lived in the house across the street. 2. The Jacksons blamed it on the sunshine...
  2. stwat

    Richard Hammond is bored and May plays the recorder and cooks !
  3. D

    I thought I was bored with driving

    Earlier this week I had a fun journey from Doncaster, taking in London, Cornwall, Shrewsbury, Lake District and Country Durham over 3 days. The Mercedes was in the garage in need of a little TLC, so it fell to the X5. This is a car that I've yet to really gel with, despite owning it for 8...
  4. R

    Bored of cars

    No car that I could possibly afford seems to excite me. It must be a daily driver, safe, reliable, easy enough not to worry about and c£35k whether used or new. Should seat 4 and have a decent size boot. Any ideas? The problem with my current c63 is limited tank range and (can't believe I'm...
  5. poormansporsche

    Bored with Monoblocks :) Any suggestions

    alright good peeps, in the last 3 years ive had 5 different cars (2 x w202 1 x 190 1 x clk and even a passat !!) all which one time or the other have worn monoblocks (7 and a half sets in total !) and im pretty much bored with them. Any suggestions for something else to go on my silver C36...
  6. aquanaut

    bored of german techno? try swedish metal...

    so said the full page Volvo advert in todays local aberdeen paper. Interesting promotion Volvo have going. V40 vs A class V40 Challenge | Volvo V40 | Volvo Models |
  7. jaymanek

    If Anyone is bored and want to see me ski...

    Ski Trip Last Week.... Day 1-3 GO PRO - BE A ZERO - SKIING IN LA PLAGNE DEC 2012 - PART 1 - YouTube Day 4-5 GO PRO - BE A ZERO - SKIING IN LA PLAGNE DEC 2012 - PART 2! - YouTube Off Piste Day Part 1 GO PRO - BE A ZERO - SKIING IN LA PLAGNE DEC 2012 - OFF PISTE DAY 1 OF 2 - YouTube...
  8. ringway

    Four Bored Scousers at Prague Airport.

  9. poormansporsche

    Wife with pmt, rain and bored kids ..

    God I'm glad to be back at work :)
  10. BenzedUP


    So I thought i'd make a quick video of some cool car... :D C55 AMG - YouTube Need a decent cam, it's abit jerky in this video.
  11. C

    Was a little bored

    Well I had a few spare hours so thought id have a play with some spare wrap/
  12. M

    Are you bored of your old civic...?

    Click me out
  13. mobeyone

    Bored today....

    So gave the car a clean.... Still looks great:))
  14. D

    Bored and waiting for Mobilo

    Title sums it up really. Car complained about low oil yesterday. I in turn complained about it to the dealer who had recently serviced it. Dealer topped up. On returning home I noticed a lot of oil on the driveway, and on looking dripping off the tray. Underside is covered in the stuff...
  15. R

    Getting a bit bored of the CLK...(are you bored with your car?)

    Today I've realised I really am getting a bit bored of the CLK, I found myself even lookking at swap deals on old Audi TT's. In case you didn't see it, I started a thread a while back about getting a (old) Jaguar XK8 by the end of the year. I'd still love to but then I'd also like to get new...
  16. JumboBeef

    Bored with my TomTom: I need a new toy!

    I have a TomTom 720. I bought it nearly three years ago. It's good, and does what it says on the box. However, I feel I need a new toy......:cool: What can I buy which: 1/ gives me Sat Nat 2/ OS maps 3/ Suitable for walking 4/ Bluetooth for the mobile Budget? Dunno, but maybe...
  17. T

    Another New (but bored) member!

    Howdy all! New member here who's in Hatfield. I only have an accord here but left my W124 and 350Z back at home (Canada). Anyone else in Hatfield? It's nice to see all of the nice cars around London but painful to be in my Accord... W124 is a garage queen now, M104 swap, AMG gen 2 body kit...
  18. pjs

    How bored are you of your car?

    Driving home in the c230k today (150 mile round trip today mainly on M1), dawned on me i'm bored of it. Nice enough car, but I'm bored. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very bored, and 10 being where you just want to drive it all the time, guess I'm at 3 out of 10. Cant be ****d to change it...
  19. R

    What you buy when you get bored with your Mclaren SLR.

    I may have mentioned that a contact of mine let me drive his SLR a little while ago. Well the SLR has gone and this has replaced it............... LAMBORGHINI Murcielago VT Roadster in Metallic Aranchio Atlas Pearl Orange...........Subtle eh?
  20. MikeL

    Are we bored today?

    Polls galore, I admit the mere fact of posting is kind of self perpetuating the title: Mike
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