1. T

    Harvey--Not Bristol Cream

    My daughter called me today from Houston! Harvey is bearing down on Texas. Being a doctor on call at Baylor U Hospital she has been asked to stay as emergency medical backup & not evacuate. Worried about the storm surge I said look don't worry you have be through worst in challenges in...
  2. CLSMark

    Not a great advert for Mercedes Bristol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Modelmakerman

    Independent MB Specialist in Bristol?

    My Viano is due a service and I'd like to have a few niggles checked out. Can anyone recommend a Mercedes Independent Specialist in or around the Bristol area?
  4. Abcan

    Wheel refurbers Bristol

    Evening all A work colleague has a curbed diamond cut alloy that she wants refurbed (19" on a Octavia) Can anyone recommend somewhere in the Bristol area that would be able to do this? Thanks Al
  5. R

    Naughty MB Bristol?

    It's a bit OTT, I suppose: Pride and joyride: Chauffeur left furious after mechanic broke speed limit 9 times in his £48k Mercedes
  6. C

    Newbie in Bristol

    Hi all, The name is Jon and i'm shortly due to take delivery of my first Mercedes, which is a 2016 C300h Estate - Premium Pack - due in June. Currently driving a VW Passat Estate - so a bit of an improvement! Have always liked Mercedes, I used to work at Enterprise Rent a Car and we...
  7. C

    Hi all newbie Bristol.

    Hi guys just a quick intro, names mick I have a w202 2000 (w) first merc I owned! I inherited from my grandad 2 years ago. Hopefully find out a few useful things..
  8. B

    Hi from Bristol

    Hi folks, thought I'd better pop in here and introduce myself. My real name is Steve and I hail from Bristol. I owned an E200 Kompressor many years ago and have always regretted selling it. Over the intervening years I've owned a number of Land Rover Discoveries before buying my present car...
  9. Dave Richardson

    Parking & over night stay at Bristol Airport

    We're looking to park our car close to Bristol Airport in mid June before flying to Italy & then to stay near to the airport when we return about a week later. We've found Bristol airport lodge on line, has anyone stayed there ? Bristol airport Lodge Or has anyone experienced over...
  10. amiller81

    Bristol MB main dealer

    Car is booked in for an "A" service at MB Bristol Cribbs Causeway Friday. Anyone have any horror story's before I leave my pride & joy with the grease monkeys....
  11. pimpdriver

    B G Griffiths, Bristol (positive review)

    Hi, A few weeks ago I took my 2002 W210 to another independent in Bristol, I was not too impressed with the hourly rate (£65/hr plus VAT), as well as the excessive mark up on the oil (8.5 litres of 5w40 meeting MB spec for £91.50 plus VAT), so I thought I'd try another recommended independent...
  12. N

    Bristol Uni this Saturday - anywhere to park?

    Going to have a look this Saturday with eldest who's considering it for History. Never been to the Uni, don't know Bristol at all. The school suggests we use a Park & Ride that's 6+ miles & 1 hour by bus from the campus, which sounds like a PITA to me. Anyone know if there's a place to park...
  13. F

    Hi from Bristol

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I've owned my W211 2008 E220 estate for about 6 months now, I wanted something big and comfy for the commute to work, day trips and holidays and this fits the bill perfectly. Spec wise it's got an electric tailgate, airbag rear suspension, bluetooth phone, sat nav...
  14. L

    Bristol newbie

    Hi everyone just landed here, I drive a 2001 C320 avantgarde s203, have had it a week and absolutely love it. First Mercedes and so far incredibly impressed.
  15. steviebabes

    Memory Lane Test: Operation Julie, 1978, LSD distribution, Trial at Bristol . . .

    Hi all! I'm currently writing a dissertation on civil recovery and have seen mention of a legal case I'd like to read. Unusually, I don't have a case citation - all I have is that a House of Lords decision (following on from the Operation Julie LSD case of 1978) held that £750,000 of seized...
  16. Bereavement

    Detachable Tow Bar help - Bristol

    Hello All, So..... My last question was answered and solved on COMAND stuff so thanks for those that helped. NEXT. Are they any guidelines/rules of thumb on having a removable tow bar fitted to my R-class? Anything to watch out for and any ideas on the kind of price I should expect to...
  17. O

    Detailing near Bristol

    I have used the search function so apologies if I have missed the answer and am asking an old question. Can anyone recommend a detailing service near Bristol? I don't have a garage so it probably needs to be someone with their own premises, rather than a mobile service at my house since it...
  18. gaz_l

    What to do in Bristol?

    SWMBO works for an accountancy practise and they are all frazzled by the end of January. We normally go away for a long weekend at the end of the month, just until she stops hyperventilating.. In 2014 it's the turn of Bristol, we have a hotel booked for a couple of nights (Sat/Sun), we are...
  19. Palfrem

    Bristol to tuen speed cameras back on.

    BBC News - Speed cameras in Bristol will be switched back on No mention of an increase in accidents / collisions since they were turned off. Probably looking for revenue?
  20. D

    Expat needs a W124 estate inspected near Bristol

    I'm an expat living in the USA. I need an inspection and some pics on an early W124 250TD estate. Its not far from Bristol. I have a decent sized ebay store that sells W124 bits as I break a few of the W124's Stateside so if I can send a few parts to "pay" for the someone's time. Thanks much
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