1. Steve260E

    New member bitten by the Benz bug

    Hello to all, strange to be introducing myself on a Mercedes forum as have always been a Land Rover type. Been looking for a cheap run about to get me from Merseyside to North Wales to the caravan in relative comfort, looked around at the usual Fiesta and Corsa Euroboxes as you do when I came...
  2. flango

    Detailed the Bug (Photo Heavy)

    As many of you know I managed to get a VW Beetle for JSWMBO and I promised her when I had time I would detail it for her. Well yesterday presented the opportunity as I had a training course cancelled so took the day off. So I went with the boys on the VW/Audi Forum and here's what I used...
  3. M

    I have succumbed to the CL500 bug

    Having been mercedes free for 3 years I have jumped headlong into a cl500 (even after knowing about ABC issues) cut a long story short car is now peeing power steering fluid on drive (suspension reservoir fine) I am taking a worst case scenario that the abc pump is leaking? or should I look at...
  4. zenman63

    Could I have a scn coding module bug.

    I have had this problem for some time now. No 3 flashes when locking, all doors lock and No codes on MB Star. From the dash i can lock all doors but cannot open the front from the dash. If i open the drivers door then the switch will open and close all doors on the dash. Auto lock works...
  5. developer

    The V8 Bug - Is There A Cure?

    Much as I love my car, I'm lusting after a V8 S212 E63 and have started looking at the usual outlets - MB Approved Used, Autotrader, Pistonheads, etc. I've seen a perfect example with a great spec (though it's overpriced at the moment). So, I have two problems: My current car is great and...
  6. E

    New bug with first m-b

    New Bug with first M-B - Advice Sought Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm just about to collect my first (and probably last - I won't need such a big car when I retire soon) Benz, a 1998 E55 estate. It has 106K miles on it (supported by the DVLA MoT record), and (apparently - I haven't...
  7. E

    Another New Bug

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm just about to collect my first (and probably last - I won't need such a big car when I retire soon) Benz, a 1998 E55 estate. I live near High Wycombe, and I have decades of bodging behind me; I'm hopeful of being able to bodge the new car as well...
  8. J

    Got the CLS55 bug !

    If you're tinkering with selling yours I'm in the market ! Went out in a CLS500 today and know it wouldn't satisfy me, so feel free to let me know if you have a low mileage FSH example for sensible money. Sadly my beautiful C32 has to go after 18 months of brilliant service, but after a CL55...
  9. RaceDiagnostics

    bug removal without removing wax?

    What are your suggestions for getting rid of dead bugs from the bonnet without also removing your nice wax coating?
  10. AMGry Man

    Great youtube video - bye bye bug!

    This is what Youtube was invented for! YouTube - Audi R8 vs. Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon - Car and Driver
  11. Baron_Samedi

    Bug Poop

    How the heck am I supposed to remove the wee spots of bug doings that spot the silver shininess that is better known as wheezy? The flipping things are all over and a real chore to dislodge. Is there a product I can use to loosen the stuff as rubbing with car wash solution is a sure way to...
  12. AANDYY

    What's this flying bug.

    I've asked 'you lot' before on plant names, and new the name, so I saw this today on my window frame, is it just a flying ant? Those legs look wierd though? Eww! :p
  13. ringway

    The May Bug. (Cockchafer.)

    My first go at posting some pictures so I thought I experiment with these 4 images. Found this May Bug (or Cockchafer) a few years back (they only appear April/May and die after 6-7 weeks) and took it into the house for examination and photo shoot. The bug was returned unharmed to the garden...
  14. robert.saunders

    £5m hospital bug payout

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7192605.stm The mind truly boggles; totally scandalous! Do people really think she hasn't had botox?
  15. A

    Seemingly benign things that bug you.

    Goats climbing trees. They just shouldn't be climbing trees. It boils my blood everytime I see it.
  16. anarchy-inc

    CLK55 vs VW Bug

    Gotta wonder what's in that bug to make this a serious race! Or in this bug; On the website where I found these pictures, the comment from the photographer was "These two were side by side for the full Quartermile". :crazy:
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