1. T

    Lost seat Button

    Noticed this is missing and have located a complete switch pack on e-bay as the missing part is not sold separately. Anyone know if I can just replace the cap or is it the door card off and replace the whole unit?
  2. M

    S211 gearboxes and s/c button?

    This may be a silly question but when looking at adverts can I tell if an e-class has the 5 or 7 speed gearbox by looking to see if it has an s/c button? Some cars seem to have the S/C button and some dont - is it an indicator that the car has the 7 speed box? thanks
  3. Reggies

    Drivers door button

    I am having trouble with locking the doors with the key fob, so I press the door button down the close the doors. The problem is on all the doors except the drivers door I can just press the button down but my drivers door it will not let me do this until the door is closed. Is the a way round...
  4. Reggies

    Door button closures

    To lock my car I have to open the back door close the drivers door lean in the back, press the drivers door button down (this will lock that door then press the back door button in. Now I know I have some problems but I could live with just when the drivers door is open I press the button on the...
  5. G

    Keyless Go Engine Start/Stop Push Button

    Mercedes OE Engine Start/Stop Push button. A221 545 0514 Brand new (okay, I plugged it in my car, and pressed the button once - nothing happened LOL). £20 delivered in the UK
  6. 4

    w211 small black button ???

    What is this little buddy under gear shifter near the seat ??
  7. F

    Issue with Program Selector Button

    It's stopped working - no light and does nothing! I've a 2011 C63. Anyone had this / know anything about it? Cheers,
  8. J

    CLS (W219) Engine Push Start Button

    In my CLS 320 (W219) the gear lever has a "Engine Start Stop" button, which when pressed does absolutely nothing. How is this feature supposed to work? Thanks in advance.
  9. S

    ECO Button Yellow

    My 2014 w204 coupe eco start/stop function is not working. On the display the button is seen written in Yellow. It should be green. What are the causes?
  10. Tuono-AMG

    C205 Start/Stop button illumination

    Hi, I've just noticed that the start/stop button on our new C205 coupe doesn't illuminate like the other controls, is this as designed or should it illuminate? TIA.
  11. B

    Old 3 button flip key required for parts.

    Anyone got a 3 button Mercedes flip key knocking around in a drawer etc that they don't need anymore? I need an electrical bit from inside but I dont know what the part is without seeing another one! I've included the pic below to give you an idea of what I need. I must have damaged the...
  12. pcthrillrider

    Front Screen Button

    Hi All, CLK320 2005 when i press the front screen button i can hear the air but nothing is coming out anywhere!! cant demist front screen in mornings!! when i got to work and tried it it worked! but next morning same thing,any idea's? my old clk200 when i pressed the front screen button i got...
  13. S

    I've bought a start button for my car...

    Like this; And I don't even have keyless go. What's the point, I hear you ask? Well, the idea is to leave the start button in the keyhole overnight, and if someone tries to carjack me again (not that they were successful the first time), they'll find that the start button...
  14. C

    Start/Stop and Eco button

    Hi all, i have just upgraded to a c207 E350 CDI and i am loving it :bannana: its my first car with start stop and just wanted to ask two questions as i do some short journeys as well as longer: is it safe to have on all the time? my mind has been constantly nagging you are restarting...
  15. wu56Shoozz

    "Edit" button??

    Just curious. why is there not an edit button when starting or posting on here.. I have a post on "Interiors" that I'd like to change and not look "Stoopid" :doh: Anyone? :dk:
  16. V

    Go button

    Can you upgrade these to say red rather than silver. The keyless covers.
  17. D

    W164 ML 320 Auto Park Select Button Not Working

    I have an ML 320 that the Park Select Button on the Auto Gearbox Shift stick selector has stopped working. The gearbox works fine in all other respects but the only way to put the vehicle in Park at the end of a journey is to take the key out of the ignition. Is this a common fault, is there...
  18. addbuyer

    E63 AMG Button

    When the AMG button is pressed the memorised settings come up on the screen to show what modes you are driving in. The three modes bits are suspension settings (comfort, sport etc) gearbox settings (C, S or S+) and at the top is a C with two cogs? What does that stand for?
  19. rom1

    3 button battery clip

    I need a battery clip for my 3 button chrome key, top bit is damaged so I have no slider to remove the metal key with and can not release the battery clip in he normal way I have to use screw drivers and pilers. Key works perfect and metal blade is perfect, I just need the batery clip, same...
  20. Rosso1

    Command Button

    Guys has anyone tried to clean up the Command system control button on the SL350 or SL500 I am sure other models have this button as well . The button is the bottom right I am unsure whether I should rub it to get the sticky material of the button or could I cause more problems by doing this? I...
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