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    Newbie needing C/L advice.

    Hi all, Here it is. I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks and got back to my R170 who will now not unlock with the remote. Batteries are OK in both my remotes and I can see the I/R operating on both of them on my digital camera. I have read the threads so far and they have posed a...
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    slk 230 c/l pump

    Hi every one. I've got a Mercedes slk 230 kompresor. 97 model, and my c/l vacuum pump "packed up". Does any one got one for sale? Chassis No.:WDB1704472F006187. part No.: 1708000548. Thanks, Vince
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    C/L ignition problems

    Hi i wonder if anyone can help, ive been searching posts but not found any with exact same problem, my c200 estate was working perfectly i drove it home from work left it for a couple of hours then went back to it to find the car open which i thought was strange but maybe id forgot to lock it, i...
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    Accessing C/L pump on a W124 estate

    I need to access the comfort relay and Central locking pump on my W124 estate, I believe they are under the rear seats. The only thing is, there doesn't seem to be any join in the carpet where I can lift it up, how do I get to the pump?
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    R129 C/L not working

    Not mine :) Bossers wife has the identical car - 93K reg R129 300SL All of a sudden the C/L has stopped functioning, lights in the locks flash red/green as usual but the pump doesnt run. Local stealer says Vac pump but want £400 for it, Merman dont have any. I'm not 100% sure its even the...
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