1. Tuono-AMG

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs Set of H&R performance lowering springs As new, unused, never fitted, BNIB. I purchased these for our Mercedes C43 coupe, but have since decided to go down the complete KW Variant 3 route, so have these...
  2. Tuono-AMG

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs

    H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs I have a set of these H&R springs for sale, as new, please contact me directly if you'd like more details. H&R Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC C450 C43 AMG 28811-2 Performance Lowering Springs | eBay
  3. sgh

    C Class Cabriolet C300 or 250d?

    Looking to change to either of these, I know the 250d engine well but test drove the C300 and really liked it. Trouble is, I'll do around 25k miles. Should me head or my heart win!?
  4. A

    New c300

    Hi all Is it safe to carry on driving with 3 buckled wheels
  5. JohnEclass

    C300 Temperature Gauge

    At risk of asking a stupid question! Does anyone know if there is an engine temp gauge on a C300?... if there is its not obvious... and the handbook is less than useless. I've never had a car without a temperature gauge???? Cheers
  6. N

    Help! C63 wheels on W204 C300 rubbing fenders

    Dear all, Long time reader, first time poster! I searched the forum already and although it was helpful, I was hoping if someone might have a solve for me directly, as everything that has been suggested I have tried. I bought a W204 MY2013 C300 with AMG kit, previous owner installed 19"...
  7. JohnEclass

    S4 Gone Welcome C300

    Well after the trials and tribulations of the last few weeks I traded the S4 in today for a much more sensible and hopefully less desirable to the muppets C300 Bluetec Hybrid Premium plus AMG line. Panoramic roof / Agility airmatic suspension / upgrade AMG alloys / Designo paint - Hyacinth Red...
  8. G

    C300 2012 w204

    Long story short, the alternator charges when i leave the car for long (a whole night in most cases), start it and don't switch it off. Once it is off and started again, the alternator stops sending power, until a long wait or the next day. Please what could be the problem and what do you guys...
  9. steve333

    C300 hybrid

    Whilst my brother was viewing an ml earlier I test drove a c300 hybrid and was impressed with it,not noisy,smooth and plenty of shove when needed and very good mpg/zero tax,do any members currently own/have owned one and what are your thoughts please?
  10. M

    C300 vs c250 coupe

    I was looking to get c-class coupe and needed advice. Initially was going to wait for c43amg, but just seen price today on Mercedes website and it starts at £47k so a little dear for me at the moment. On drivethedeal, they are offering approximately £6k discount for c-class coupe. I do...
  11. bpsorrel

    c300 coupe or c250d coupe?

    Has anyone tried the 300 petrol back to back against the 250d C class (saloon or coupe)? I'm thinking I'd like to move away from diesel for my next MB, but I've been told that the 300 petrol is not as punchy and responsive as the diesel. Is this true?
  12. Porks

    Old but New user

    Hi All, I am not a new user per say, having registered on here when I owned a 2011 c204 C250. I am however the owner of a new 2016 c205 C300. I picked it up on Friday and I cannot express how excited I am. I feel like Mercedes have hit the sweet spot with this car - the only way I can explain...
  13. L

    C300 Hybrid mapping

    Has anyone out there remapped or boxed a C or E300 hybrid yet? Early days i guess, but i've got one on order that arrives in Nov, so once its got a few thousand on the clock, i'll sure to be looking at mods (as you do!)
  14. theribs

    C300 with Audio20 Consumption Graph

    I have a C300 Hybrid with Audio20. There is a single, real-time consumption bar on the small display on the instrument cluster and a larger per minute consumption graph on the center screen. In my case although the instrument cluster one goes up to 80 mpg the graph only goes up to 40 mpg...
  15. theribs

    New C300 Hybrid Owner

    Hi all Picked up my C300 Hybrid In May. Been learning how to drive it ever since. 1st Merc 1st Hybrid 1st Automatic!
  16. M

    Issue with the gear in My 2014 C300 4matic

    Dears, Kindly be informed that i have the following problem with my 2014 Mercedes C300 4matic: I had an accident in the right rear door, Nothing damaged but the body, I gave the car to the body repair man ( I am in IRAQ so we don't have Mercedes dealership here), And he made it perfectly...
  17. fab1975

    C300 Hybrid

    HI guys, I have been trying to arrange a test drive of the C300 Hybrid for over two months, but without success. I will spare you my boring story, but the bottom line is that so far it has been impossible to find any C300 Hybrid available for a short test drive in the North West of England...
  18. T

    canadian w205 c300 mp2 worth it?!?!

    Hey guys, need some advice..i am totally confused and struggling right now.. I knew this is a forum in UK...but i need some experienced people for some advices.. i am planning to order a w205 c300 4matic in canada, MSRP: CAD 43,000 I have chosen: polar white, Cranberry red...
  19. A

    W204 C300 V6 CDI: power loss and jerky gear changes

    Had my car serviced a month ago at MB, with an A0 service (incl. air filters) + gearbox oil change as the car is at 55.000 km/34000 miles. Haven't driven the car since except this week, for a 450 km round trip. On the way down, the car was perfectly normal, back up (4 days later), the first...
  20. A

    Remapped C300 CDI 4matic

    After quite some research and hesitation, I had my C300 remapped before Christmas. The dyno chart is attached, and the impression is certainly that performance has been improved with fuel economy more or less unaffected. Pre-remap: 251,6 bhp (meant to have 231 bhp) and 570 Nm (meant to...
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