1. T

    Any good c350e leasing deals around?

    Had someone call me to try to sell me a c350e estate lease recently. The offer was £333/month on a 9+23 at 10k (so that works out to £10656 for 2 years, or £444/month all-in) and I was wondering if that was a good deal? BTW, the spec was for sports with premium pack and metallic paint. The...
  2. I

    C350e Tyre pressures

    I'm about to fit 19" wheels to my C350e. The tyre sizes will be 225/40/19 front and 255/35/19 rear. Could somebody please let me know the tyre pressures I should use ? (My car only has tyre pressures for the 17's on the filler flap) Thanks in Advance.
  3. M

    C350e - Lead Time

    Hi Everyone - new to the forum and have just taken the plunge and ordered a C350e in Polar White with PP and Night Package. Been told to expect delivery in January - interested to hear from anyone else who has ordered in last month or two to see if this is typical or whether it's likely to be...
  4. J

    C220d currently - thinking about getting c350e - help!

    Hi All, I have a 2014 C220d AMG Line company car at the moment and I'm thinking of switching to the c350e plug in hybrid. I have read all about the unrealistic mpg figures but the Bik savings are appealing. I'm looking for some help from you guys with c350e cars. I am a little concerned with...
  5. N

    C350e - replacement latch for electric flap

    Hi guys The rear bumber of my car has taken a knock (not serious), but the latch for the flap that covers the charging socket is now broken. The flap itself is fine, but no longer stays shut. Anyone know the best place to source a replacement, and any idea of cost? I'm guessing it's...
  6. T

    C350e vs the rest

    Having done quite a lot of investigation on plug-ins, I must confess to being a little confused. Essentially what I don't get is why the street price of the C350e is really so low compared to the competition (or maybe why the street price of the competition is so high?). I'm thinking here...
  7. T

    ICE in C350e

    I'm interested in the C350e and like a nice stereo, but one thing I'm keen to avoid is the higher rate of VED. The Burmester upgrade sounds like it could be rather wonderful, but takes it over the magic £40k level, and for half that kind of money (and I don't particularly want the other bits...
  8. S

    3 weeks, 2 days and counting...

    ...until my C350e estate is delivered. Ordered just before Christmas and I finally got the "in stock" call from the dealership on Friday. This will be my first MB after several other German motors.
  9. S

    Waiting for a Mercedes C350e to be delivered

    Hi everyone, Looking forward to delivery however I can't find any pictures with the same specification. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Mercedes C350e Sport estate. Brilliant blue and with the night package. Just a C class Sport with the night package would do. Thanks for reading and...
  10. W

    C350e Malfunction

    Yesterday when doing a round trip from Northampton to Manchester I had two instances where "malfunction" and two little cogs appeared on the display and lingered in the messages section for about 5 minutes before disappearing. It reappeared for a third time as I was approaching my house and also...
  11. J

    C350e transmission problems

    Six weeks into ownership of my C350e estate and completely fed up. On day one the car broke down and had to be recovered. Began with malfunction message "without changing gear consult workshop" and once parked the car locked out with"towing not permitted see owner's manual". After 5 days in the...
  12. D

    Phone mount/cradle for c350e

    I've just taken delivery of my C350e Estate and am loving it so far. However, I really really want to have my phone mounted on the dash somewhere so that I can continue to use Waze as it's much better than the built-in Sat Nav. I've looked at Brodit Proclips and they only have one that...
  13. C

    C350e battery warranty & space in estate

    I'm very tempted to order a C350e estate but have a few questions that I haven't managed to get answers to: What is the warranty period on the battery pack? What are the expected life of the battery pack and the projected cost of replacement? How much space (linear, rather than volume) is...
  14. F

    Roof box or Luggage Bag for roof - MB C350E

    Hello ALl, I have a MB C350e and I am looking to buy 2nd hand (if any of you peeps have one to sell) or new (recommendations welcome) box or bag for the roof. I am not so bothered if it is a roof box, but I seen what looked like a canvas bag on a roof of a car - somehow supported at the...
  15. jarborra

    Another new C350e owner (in Sweden)

    Just wanted to say hello to my fellow Mercedes drivers and fellow hybrid owners! After one BMW (M-reg 730iA) and two Audis (2006 A8 and 2011 S5 convertible), I recently took delivery of a Selenite grey C350e with beige interior and black piano finish as a company car (Leaseplan). We don't...
  16. D

    C350e charging system corrosion poll

    There have been so many reports of corroded cables in the charging system of the c350e, I wonder if we can get a feel for what proportion of us have had the problem...
  17. iRadiate

    C350e: Received a shock from the door handle

    Hi everyone. My car is on charge and I wanted to go in to take a look at how much it's charged up. I've done this many times without incident but today I did it bare foot and received a shock to my hand when I touched the driver side door handle. Not a bad one but enough to make me want to put...
  18. iRadiate

    C350e charging cable

    Hi. I've noticed on some of the pictures that people are uploading that their charging cables are coiled. Mine is straight and as it's quite thick takes a while to put away. How did those with coiled cables get coiled cables ? Did you specifically ask for them or is that simply what your car...
  19. iRadiate

    Another C350e owner.

    Hi. Just wanted to say hello to my fellow hybrid owners. Had my 350e now for 4 days. Still trying to figure out how to get the most out of it in terms of fuel economy. I have the Premium Plus with the 360 camera as the only add-on. In the few days I've had it so far I've noticed the following...
  20. M

    2017 Mercedes C350e Full Review - Video

    2017 Mercedes C350e Full Review [YOUTUBE HD]9yClWupSxUw[/YOUTUBE HD]
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