1. Bobby Dazzler

    Theoretical Maximum Speed Calculator (v2016)

    In the past I have calculated the theoretical maximum speed for members. For many it's just a bit of fun, but it has also been used to help inform those who are taking part in competition or modifying their cars. It's also been used to challenge the claims of manufacturers and press reports...
  2. whitenemesis

    Rim and Tyres Calculator

    Very detailed, includes wheel arch clearances and scrub angles etc.. Rim & Tire Size Calculator. Custom Offsets -
  3. Wagon

    the true cost of running a car ..calculator

    Calculator: True cost of running a car | This is Money £106 for the C43 as do low miles , the 911 is in the negatives :)
  4. Grant123

    MPG Calculator.

    i have a new C220 CDI C204, its new so has less than 500miles on it so far. i did a reset on the computer when i filled it up, currently the onboard computer says i'm averaging 37.7mpg over the last 300miles of driving. Using a web mpg calculator, its saying i'm averaging 47.05MPG. >>...
  5. P

    Finance calculator

    Anyone have a MB finance calculator? I want to compare buying a 12 month old car versus leasing a new one. I don't want the hassle just yet of the dealership phoning me every few days if I get them to quote me. Is there an online app or similar, that can work out PCP or Agility payments?
  6. zenman63

    Tyre and wheel calculator

    Great web calculator here, can this be a sticky? Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride -
  7. sinewave

    On screen Wheel offset(ET) calculator

    Having spent some time studying this subject most of the websites on tinternet are rubbish for explanations and visual examples. This site I found is brilliant and lets you type in and adjust all the parameteres then gives you a technical and visual graphic of your proposed wheel tyre combo...
  8. Spera

    mpg calculator

    I found this mpg calculator a help so i've posted the link below if use to anyone.MPG calculator UK miles per Gallon - calculate MPG
  9. franey

    Shipping calculator software integration.

    I am nearing the end of the website construction but need some kind of shipping calculator that integrates and automatically calculates the weight and thus the shipping cost of the goods purchased. Anyone with any knowledge please? Thanx
  10. Meldrew2

    The Blue Calculator

    Free online calculators for home, work, and school Not as funny as the Brown one, but guaranteed non-political :D (Oh bugger - I've just realised that "Blue" has political overtones.......)
  11. W210 Fan

    Yearly/monthly/weekly MPG cost calculator comparator

    have been looking at a few cars recently and not knowing which one would cost what I decided to make a cost comparison calulator based on fuel consumption, not a whole life cost based on servicing, spares and depreciation but its a start, Its not the most complicated Excel spreadsheet known...
  12. Carrotchomper

    Online tax calculator

    I found this whilst trawling t'Internet earlier. Quite topical at the moment with the Income Tax changes. I'm quite happy, since it seems I'll save a couple of hundred quid a year at least. :D
  13. mercmanuk

    ved calculator

    try this website to work out your new road tax if i select my rear tyres are 205/225 its £165 if i select my rear tyres are 245 its £205 how can this be monitored by the dvla why should this make a differance to my road tax
  14. C

    car co2 emissions calculator, where?

    Does anyone have a link to a site where you can find out the co2 emissions of post 2001 cars, not just brand new ones? Thanks in advance
  15. Gucci

    Carbon footprint calculator

    Since you've pursuaded me to buy an eco friendly ML (V8) :rock: I thought I'd check out my carbon footprint. It seems despite the un-Livingstone choice of motor, I can also be smug at my below average to all those green hippies...roll that one up and stic:eek...
  16. KLP 92

    Wheel offset calculator.

    Found this on the web: Very useful if changing your wheels.
  17. C

    Birthdate/name Calculator
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