1. 1

    my 1992 190e carat du chat, starts badly.

    hi I have 2 1992 mercs in great condition(no rust on or under either) a 190e carat du chat' and a 200t estate both have same 2 litre engine etc and both have same problem....when starting they fire on the button but run lumpy almost as if running on 2 cyl's,both normally pick up fine as soon...
  2. Palfrem

    W124 Coupe Carat Duchatelet

    Mercedes W124 Coupe Carat Duchatelet | eBay Has this been on before? Just seems familiar.
  3. ss201

    Carat Duchatalet wheels x 5, refurbished

    Set of five rims, four with tyres. All rims just refubished. Rim size is 15" x 7J ET 35. 4 x centre caps, with centre cap bolts included. Carat Duchatalet logo on one centre cap. Tyres are 185 65 15. Two have about 4mm of tread, two have about 3mm. Not the best brands in the world (mix of...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Carat Duchatelet 300CE

    Lovely wood. Mercedes-Benz 300ce (Carat by Duchatelet) For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C386122]
  5. SG1

    Carat Duchatelet Wheels For Sale

    16" Carat Duchatelet Wheels 71/2JX16H2 ET35 205/55R16 They are genuine Carat Duchatelet and Made In Germany. I would recommend changing the tyres as they are quite old. They are ideally in need of a full refurb as you can see. These were taken off a W124 Estate before I bought them to...
  6. 300CE

    mercedes w124 coupe carat duchatelet 1990 very cool looking car

    Looks clean, but not sure about the bits on the wings and does it have any anti freeze in the expansion tank?: mercedes w124 coupe carat duchatelet 1990 very cool looking car | eBay
  7. 1

    w126 carat wheels

    does anyone know what wheels were fitted to 1992 126 carat? would it have been the 16inch?
  8. trapperjohn

    124 Carat Leather seats with ortho. £1 start.

  9. G

    what is the value of my 300ce carat 1992

    I have been doing this car up for a year now,it runs very sweet the bodywork is very clean, it is a full leather interior that is very good,there are small things needing done like a bearing however I plan to repair and change anything thats not 100%,can anyone tell me what is the price range...
  10. 300CE

    1988 MERCEDES 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet (in Willow Green)

    very nice: 1988 MERCEDES 560 SEC Carat Duchatelet | eBay
  11. jaymanek

    Mercedes 500SEL Restoration - Carat Duchatelet/AMG

    Well we love our restorations on MBClub, so here is one I have been working on. p.s. mods I cannot seem to post this in the projects section? So ive had this late 1991 500SEL sitting in my garden for years. I bought as a job lot with a few W126 to break. However this was always too good to...
  12. E

    Carat Duchatelet

    Hi.I bought a 190e which has the Carat Duchatelet body kit.The passenger rear wing panel is missing.Has anybody got one ,IN white,or any other colour.The panel has a line about 3 inch's parallel wiyh the bottom edge.The car also has deep bucket seats,in a blue check.The drivers seat bolster...
  13. d w124

    Another Carat kitted w124

    Looks very nice,considering the price.As usual the tow cover missing Mercedes-Benz : Stunning W124 E280 Carat Du Chatelet
  14. janner

    Low mileage W124 Carat Duchatelet

    Worth £4800 just because of the mileage? Carat bits make it even sweeter? 1994 Mercedes W124 E280 Carat Duchatelete | eBay
  15. poormansporsche

    Carat 3.6 is a grease covered GOD at engine conversions ......

    Alright peeps, as most people are aware Carat 3.6 (Simon) just appeared out of nowhere a year ago and quickly dawned on us that he is mad as a bag of spanners ! But he does actually do some work and I got him to do a 3.2 M104 engine transplant into my 2.6 M103 190. So just a thank you...
  16. 300CE

    Mercedes - Benz Carat Duchatelet 300 ce

    Lots of history: Mercedes - Benz Carat Duchatelet 300 ce | eBay
  17. Jixon

    Carat Duchatelet

    Hi, I'm just trying to gauge whether any Carat Duchatelet Mercedes come up for sale; if so what models do people have? A friend has an old SEL, just interested to see what others have as I'd like one.
  18. M

    c124 stainless carat entrance plates

    Might be useful to someone out there w124coupe carat duchatelet sill step covers | eBay
  19. U

    Mercedes 300 ce 24valve carat duchatelet 1992

  20. carat 3.6

    W124 190 Carat duchatelet alloys.

    3 Adverts. mercedes 190e carat duchatelet alloy wheels | eBay MERCEDES ALLOY WHEELS CARAT DUCHATELET X 4 NEW TYRES | eBay carat duchatelet alloy wheels | eBay
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