1. E

    Mercedes Ronal 15" Carat Duchatelet Alloy wheels for sale

    I've had these Ronal Carat Duchatelet alloy wheels in my garage for a while now so time to make space! I know they are rare now but dont know what they are worth so I'll start with £250 or near offer. 5X112 bolt pattern with I think ET27. They came with my C180. They are in good condition fot...
  2. d w124

    Carat 300ce

    What`s this muppet on about,only two in UK 1989 MERCEDES 300 CE ..CARAT BY DUCHATELET ONLY 2 IN UK on eBay (end time 24-Oct-10 15:12:07 BST)
  3. h17n dj

    Carat Duchatelet Alloys

    Hi guys... ive just seen these on pistonheads... what do you guys think about them on a silver W202 instead of my 18" AMG reps?????? the only thing with these are that they ar 17" and i kinda like the 18" on the c class.... just wanted to know what you guys thought ???? Parts & Accessories...
  4. 6pot

    W124 carat rear bumper

    CARAT DUCHALET MERCEDES REAR BUMPER W124 on eBay (end time 26-Jun-10 22:44:28 BST):thumb:
  5. d w124

    Carat 260E ending soon

    MERCEDES AMG CARAT DUCHATELET 260E AUTO LEATHER on eBay (end time 13-Apr-10 19:36:48 BST)
  6. P

    W124 Carat side skirts

    Anyone got any? For either a CE or saloon.
  7. D

    Mercedes 300E Carat Duchatelet

    Being an owner of one of these I can't rate them highly enough, be interested to see what it goes for. 1991 MERCEDES 300E AUTO RARE WHITE CARAT DUCHATELET on eBay (end time 14-Feb-10 21:11:12 GMT)
  8. boomtings

    WANTED W124 - carat duchalet front bumper with fogs

    As per the title if anyone has a carat duchalet front bumper , I may consider any other non OEM front bumper. Thanks.
  9. M

    W126 & W124 Carat Duchatelet 17x9 et30 wheels

    2 new tyres 205/40/17 2 old tyres 225/45/17 need replacing really come with centre caps a allen bolt, Ideally need a repaint or cut + polish I was going to paint them and use them as winters. 1 wheels has 2 little dings which doesn't affect the wheel balance could be put right easily...
  10. talbir

    w126 Carat wheels refurbished - refund or not saga conclusion

    All You may recall the story discussed here in late 2008...where a person bought a set of Carat Duchatelet wheels from me, sent them to a refurbishment outfit who stripped the wheels and found a crack (one that was not visible prior to stripping the paint). The buyer insisted i refund the...
  11. D

    300CE Carat Duchalalet

    Berkshire High Performance - Used Car Vehicle Dealership in Berkshire Just wondering whether the black 300ce is genuinely a Carat Duchalalet model as I thought they had piping on the leather? Thanks!
  12. japimport

    merc 300ce carat duchelat

    never seen one of these before looks nice is the price right or is it to much
  13. G

    is it the gear box ,1990 300e carat duchatelet

    :rock: hi guys this is my first day here so please be nice:eek: i ve got my self a 1990 300e carat duchatelet.I bought this car from the guy next door who says he payed 47,000 thousand for it in 1990? :crazy: Hes had the car from new and i ve always loved it! it looks lovely next to my dads old...
  14. dino645

    W126 560SEL Carat Duchatelet + AMG split rims - NOT LONG LEFT

    Looks quite nice with a bit of TLC and re-spray
  15. gbjeppm

    MERCEDES W126 560SEL Carat Duchatelet

    This has just come on to ebay. For those who love the w126, for your delectation. Apologies if we have seen this before...
  16. M

    W124 Carat Duchatelet Bodykit

    Linky may interest someone - Kully
  17. Seamster15

    W124 Carat Duchatelet body kit

    Perhaps someone will like it?
  18. M

    WOO-HOO! I just won a Carat Kit!

    After MONTHS of searching for a new boot spoiler, I came acrossed a full W124 Carat Duchatelet kit on German ebay. There were seperate lots for the front bumper, rear bumper and boot spoiler, but I managed to win the lot for a combined 371.50 Euro (Plus whatever the delivery will be). To say I'm...
  19. S

    Carat De Chatelet wheels W126

    I am looking for one or two carat de Chatelet wheel for W126 - to complete a set of to be refurbished wheels - can anyone help
  20. Seamster15

    Mercedes Benz Carat Duchatelet 300E Auto

    Old Skool...! Simon
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