1. developer

    Forged Alloy Wheels vs Cast Alloy Wheels

    Ok techies - forged wheels are more expensive (why?), but what other differences are there?
  2. M

    Best way to "glue" cast iron

    I have a thin bracket 3/16in thick made of cast iron of an engraving machine (Taylor Hobson CB ) that I accidently broke. Tried a few epoxy's without success Any member heard of JB Weld (used to epoxy weld exhausts) or similar Help most appreciated
  3. D

    Cast Iron Refurbishment

    I am thinking of acquiring a moderately sized sculpture of a horse. Not megabucks but it is Russian and around 40 years old. It's cast iron and there is surface rust on it which will need to be removed and preventative treatment put on.. I have been googling about but wondered whether anyone...
  4. Spinal

    How Does One Remove a PoP Cast?

    An odd query (for a motoring forum especially)... How does one go by removing a plaster-of-paris cast, without a snazzy oscillating saw as used by the NHS? (and before anyone asks, no, it's got nothing to do with a real injury... It's just that I need a recovery plan for the groom-to-be...
  5. The Boss

    1:18 scale model mercedes (die cast)

    hello where is the best place to find 1:18 scale models of mercedes cars in metal die cast. i am looking for a w124 cabrio in green/mushroom, grey s class amg, black slk, silver e class saloon, and some 123's?? any ideas
  6. mercmanuk

    w203 mirror internals cast alloy

    i need the internal cast alloy unit that goes inside the w203 mirror,the bracket that bolts to the car door and holds the motor unit,one of the alloy lugs has snapped ,passenger side unit.its part number 10 on the mirror diagram floating around the forum..if anyone has one please get intouch or...
  7. R

    Cast wheels

    As you guys know I've just put Mirzam MB wheels on my car and very nice they look too! Since ptting them on two people have stopped me in the street and said they look nice, They both said they are "Cast" alloys and you ought to put locking nuts on because they are very desirable. I am getting...
  8. pammy

    Chiminea - Cast iron or clay?

    After a couple of years of prevaricating we've almost decided to buy a chiminea. But.... do we go for clay or cast iron? decisions decisions. Which give out the best heat? Friends have a clay one that cracked almost straightaway, iron ones go rusty - or do they? We want to put it on wooden...
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