1. sappers

    Category 'c' write off and getting back on the road

    Hi, my other car is a 3 series coupe and on Monday somebody pulled out from a side road and caught the rear wheel arch and rear quarter panel causing a shallow dent and a scuff mark. Wednesday comes and the insurance investigator visits and decides that it's uneconomical to repair and they will...
  2. D

    Which category are you in?

    I've been a member since October and I really enjoy my time here. I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of categories that we all fall into. Feel free to add to the list as you think necessary. 1) AMG fruit cakes/barmpots (no offence Stuart & others) 2) Tech geeks. (Have they ever kissed...
  3. D

    Category D

    What the law said about buying a car in Category D? Is the seller mandatory to classify it? :( How do I check a car is category D?
  4. IanT

    W210 security (Thatcham category)

    I thought I knew the answer to this, but on my latest insurance quote I have been asked to provide documentary evidence that my 2001 W210 (E220CDi) is fitted with a Cat1 security system. So to check I downloaded the PDF from Thatcham and don't seem to be able to identify it in the list. Can...
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