1. Mike Walker

    Buyer beware - Caveat Emptor

    Had my aircon checked and regassed yesterday and whilst waiting was chatting to the guy who owns the garage. He was telling me about his current work load and pointed out two cars:- BMW 1 Series - 58 plate - 116i. Bought by a "youngster" off ebay with warning lights flashing , radio not...
  2. del320

    Caveat Emptor!

    The rest of the world has been following this thread on the VX220 forum - 180k views and 860 posts over the past fortnight. MB Club members probably don't want to trawl through all 44 pages, but the first 5 pages/100 posts do make for very entertaining reading.
  3. R

    Ebay. Caveat Emptor

    Just as a warning. I recently won an auction for what was advertised as a Brand New Nokia 3200. The advert, when printed, came to 3 full pages of A4 text all of which was the technical specification of a Nokia 3200. I didnt realise until after I'd paid that hidden in the vast amount of text...
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