1. D

    A Class 170, Audio 20, Aux install/CDC not responding

    Hello all, I apologise if this has been asked a lot before, I did check but I could only find it for other cars. Yesterday I bought a A Class 170 (2006), it has only one owner and she has never used anything other than the steering wheel it would seem. She has never used the CD...
  2. L

    CDC Cables

    Hi All, So I've managed to get myself a CDC, the Fibre and Power cables. Unfortunately zero by way of instruction guides... I managed to find details of how to dismantle my dash to get to everything, but I'm unclear on the following:- Power cable: Brown, Pink, Blue (Brown is earth, where do...
  3. L

    Fitting a CD Changer into a CLK 2009

    Hi All, I've searched the forum(s), so please excuse me if I've missed existing posts regarding this... I've managed to get a CD Changer of the right model for my CLK 2009, but I now need to know:- a) What leads I need (both power + optical) and b) How do I get into the glove-box area to fit...
  4. paulgorringe

    CDC cables

    Hi I am looking at splicing into the CDC wiring in the glovebox to get power to charge my ipod. Can anybody confirm or otherwise that of the 3 wires the brown is ground, and +12V is red/blue? I already have the aux port in the glovebox and I am happy with the sound I just want to charge the ipod...
  5. P

    W211 CD Changer stuck / no red lights

    The CD playing from one of the 6 CD slots just stopped playing mid track yesterday. Still shows Cd3 Track 6 etc on display but I cannot move on the track, FF RW or change to another CD. When the changer cover is lifted there are no red lights on each CD slot and though I get the Eject CD...
  6. P

    12v power in/near glovebox

    I'm installing a dashcam that is to be powered permanently (it has it's own auto-off) as it has a mode for recording while parked. I read somewhere that the cd changer has a permanent source of 12v - after much searching can't seem to find the post or any others about removing the changer and...
  7. A

    Glovebox power - can I use CDC power?

    Hi all, First - thanks - I've got some great stuff from here, particularly around debugging a lack of sound on my COMAND (faulty CDC, so bridged the fibre and all ok now - amusingly the merc dealer had never heard of bridging the fibre). I've got a 2003 C32 with glovebox aux-in. I'd like to...
  8. J

    W211.226 (NTG1 DVD+CDC): Help on Rearview camera, rear parking sensors &/OR bluetooth

    Hello all, I own a W211.226 from 11/2003 (VIN: WDB2112261A438816) and I'm assessing the possibility to install rear parking sensors and/or a rearview camera connected to my COMAND APS NTG1 (DVD+CDC+6310iholder) if possible. I've been studying this for months now and I'm not near to any clear...
  9. N

    Cdc button ????

    Further to my previous thread have been searching the site for answers to my audio 20 ipod connection dilema and have heard people refer to holding the cdc button to activate aux in but am unsure what button this is as i have only radio,cd,telephone and sys buttons and still cannot find the aux...
  10. R

    W211 cdc muliti cd player

    Evening all Having a problem with the CDC player after installing a parrot mki9100 Took out the storage /12v bin and then removed the CDC player and then the radio audio 20 all seemed fairly straight forward connected the iso lead from parrot and radio / parrot all working ok Re installed CDC...
  11. S

    Slot for device in boot, last car didn't have this yet both are audio 20 non CDC cars

    Hi folks I have a compartment in the boot of my new car that I did not have in my last 211. Both cars have audio 20 with no CD changer. Whats this bracket/compartment for in my new car.
  12. R

    Comand Online Ltd, Discounts on Map disks, Bluetooth, Phone kits, CDC kits etc

    Exclusive Members Offer: 5% discount off our already very competitive pricing to qualifying MBclub members, please email [email protected] with your MBclub username and we'll check that you have met the forum's requirements and send you a discount code. Click here to see if you are...
  13. jonnyboy

    cdc on the blink?

    hi all went on a trip to taunton today and decided to take the S430 to stretch her legs properly. Did the school run first, checked what CD's were in the magazine (sigh) aand one by one the select/change screen on Command showed a slash instead of a disc, ione by one as i moved selection...
  14. Robbruce

    Help CDC Check

    Hi All, as per other post i have been having trouble with my CDC and phone so i would like if possible to try my CDC in another car with simular setup ie in the glove box prefrebly in the Bradford ish area. Thanks Rob
  15. C

    Dension Gateway 500 problems with CDC and Comand

    Hello. I just installed a Dension Gateway 500. 2 hour job to find the right cable settings and.... When I was going to put back everything (glove box etc.) up I tested it and that what is happening: 1) Switch on the Comand 2) Select Dension 500 from the RCA button 3) Play a sons from my IPOD...
  16. M

    Kenwood 10 disc CDC for sale

    From my old 96 C Class , Kenwood 10 disc CD changer model number KDC 504. Works with any Kenwood head unit that has a round Din CDC socket complete with long lead (Head unit to boot) offers around £50 please
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