1. stats007

    One for Bobby Dazzler & reformed 'chavs'

    The Aussies have been getting cars like this from Holden for years - as usual we're the last. One of the best YouTube videos I've seen was at Bathurst. I'll try and find it...
  2. Howard

    Stupid chavs ....

    Tee Hee ! Got his come-uppance ..... :rolleyes:
  3. chrispy

    Barry Boys - If you're bored and want a laugh at the Chavs motors

    I found this site a while ago and whenever i'm depressed and need a laugh at all the chav'ed up motors on the road I just visit this site :D Appologies if this link has been posted before.
  4. I

    Bloody chavs

    Ok, so maybe what I'm about to tell you about wasn't done by Chavs, but I think the likelihood is that it was! Just got back from a meal out and noticed someone has nicked my 2 offside MB logo valve caps. It's dark at the moment, so I just hope the daylight doesn't reveal any malicious damage...
  5. Howard


    Was just mailed these monstrosities.......... This is the sort of people we are up against in civilised society ! :crazy: Love the one where the son chav is leading mum chav away after obviously having a fight and coming off worse ........ :D View them and weep people ...
  6. PJH

    What do you call a group of CHAVS...

    What do you call a group of CHAVS rolling down a mountain ? . . . . . . . . . . . . A Chavalanche. Yes, I know it was bad.
  7. Howard

    For the chavs among us

    Is there a smilie with its fingers down its throat going 'bleeeeeurgh!!' Miserably poor !!
  8. Tan

    Chavs Some people have too much time on their hands. The title is a tad strong but some of the content is quite funny.
  9. P

    4 chavs and an escort in one go :)

    Allmost wiped four chavs and a mark III escort off the map this morning, after they shot a right hand give way line at about 30!!! The road they entered was a national speed limit road as well... Only thanks to the ABS I missed the side of the car by about a foot horn blaring all the way down...
  10. High-Lo

    Chavs at Argos

    If you got to the Argos Website and do a search on 'CHAV' the results are quite funny. In real 'Chav' style you will find such items as gold bling chains :D
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