1. N

    DIY service history - counterfeit Dealer stamps. Completed items search show this scally ******* is making & selling these everyday - MB ones too!
  2. grober

    McLaren £49m 'cheat' fine is tax deductible

    You got to admire the brass balls of these guys- or should that be carbon fibre balls. McLaren has successfully argued that their £49m 'cheat' fine is legitimate tax deductible expense as part of their business. At this time not sure if HMRC is going to appeal it or not? BBC News - Today -...
  3. S

    Help dash removal on C270/or cheat ?

    Hi I have the dreaded clicking noise, on one of the heater flap motors, on my 2003 C270cdi, it sounds like its behind upper glove box area, and as I have just removed comand unit, because the screen has gone blank, does anyone know how to take dash out, or glove box this has cd changer inside...
  4. R

    OMG Wales cheat...

    ...Ireland lose.
  5. Alfie

    Why not to cheat on your wife.

    I was sent these today and have to admit to them making me laugh. Apologies if it gives anyone any ideas!
  6. W

    Benefits cheat caught showing off in car mag LOL - how stupid can you get? :confused: Will
  7. PJH

    BMW SMG cheat mode

    Has anyone discovered a cheat mode for MB gearboxes ? SMG cheat
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