1. K

    1984 230E 112K...£16000 "cherished" To quote PM Dawn (deceased), "Reality used to be a friend of mine".
  2. D

    My cherished 2009 C320 with command and sport pack - new baby forced sale!

    Mercedes C-class 2009 3 litre V6 with sports pack (including winter wheel set) - pristine! in Brighton | Friday-Ad
  3. R

    Cherished number plate

    On the DVLA the mark I want is £499, but £389 on one of the other sites...why is there a difference?
  4. vito-dork

    V12 RAS and REG 800 cherished numbers on retention

    V12 RAS = £2000 REG 800 = £2500 both on retention no extra charges tel..07775 349232
  5. gl boy

    Cherished numbers for sale

    I have MB 09 CLK on retention . Open to reasonable offers ,,,,,,, Also have GL 56 JON on retention too .... Message me for any info cheers
  6. vito-dork

    V12 RAS and REG 800 cherished numbers on retention

    for sale on retention V12 RAS = £2000 REG 800 = £2750
  7. mat8n

    Buying a Cherished plate.

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I've seen another plate I fancy....actually saw it a year or so ago....and I now have the funds to buy it. But it was cheaper last year! I don't need it, but I would like it as its a good family plate for me and the kids later on. Its for sale on all the big dealer...
  8. A

    Cherished Number Transfer Onto New Car ?

    Good afternoon all, just a quick query to see if anyone can shed some light on the above for me. I've bought a used E-Class from an approved main dealer and asked him to sort out putting my cherished number on it before i take delivery, my plate was on a retention certificate so i gave him...
  9. R

    Registration for sale

    Hi All I have on retention RTS 9, one of the last pre A registration numbers. I am looking to sell this and am offering it for £3,750.00. It is a private sale so no need to add VAT and I think the transfer fee is included...?
  10. h17n dj

    Lovely Cherished Audi TT

    Please see link below. This is forsale on behalf of my Cousin... Weekend car that isnt used as much as it shoud. It's a lovely car that has been very well looked after and is one of the on the better 1.8T Engine...! You can either contact me on here or contact him directly...! Dont miss an...
  11. Palfrem

    It always shows when a vehicle has been cherished

    Mercedes 306d pick up | eBay
  12. Felstmiester

    Cherished plate M900 AVE

    As above M900 AVE. Dave M90 0AVE. Offers around the £600 mark.
  13. BaldGuy

    04 Brabus SL500 - A very rare cherished 2nd car

    An extremely rare Mercedes R230 Brabus SL500 2004/54 Obsidien Black with Magnolia leather 52K Miles with full Service history 6 Months Tax, Will have a fresh MOT This car was brought new by the first owner and then shipped to Brabus Germany at considerable cost to have the following...
  14. M

    what are these worth? black series cherished plates

    This is just a feeler, i currently have the plates BS63 AMG & BS63 SLS on retention. Having seen MB63 AMG go for around £5.2k what do you think these are worth? would anyone here be interested in them.
  15. Billy albert

    Cherished number plate C2 FTO

    Suits Mitsubishi FTO so if you guys know anyone who has one i have perfect plate for sale. On retention, serious offers please.
  16. Palfrem


  17. DSLiverpool

    Selling a cherished reg

    I have had 4 plates, actually 5 but I left one on a car it was S8LLO I have no idea what possessed me. I have sold one BDS 9 my initials and a low number I paid £5k for and sold for £4,400. When I needed to sell this I emailed every company I could find with the initials BDS and sold it to a...
  18. DSB SL AMG

    CL500(W215) cherished example!

    For sale my car is a cherished 2000 MY(X-plate) CL500 with verified 110k on clock, full MB indie history, i have changed all fluids since i have owned including brake and gear box lubricants and filters, brand new tyres and brake discs/pads fitted, maintained by local MB indie, just had...
  19. Sp!ke

    Cherished plate history link

    Can anyone tell me what the site was where you could look up private plates and see photos of previous cars it was on?
  20. J

    J1 XON - Cherished plate required!

    Hello, I am looking for the registration J1 XON. I know that it was sold by DVLA some time ago and as far as I can find out is still being driven around... There's a finders fee for anyone who can put me in touch with the owner! Thanks
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