1. M

    Did we made wrong choice..?? BMW 5 series or Audi A6 better than W213..?

    I love to hear "No"!!
  2. J

    Replacing a Jeep, is an ML a fair choice?

    I've run a few Jeep Grand Cherokee V8s over the past 15 years or so and they have been a really good fit for my needs. First, it needs to be able to tow a car trailer with rally car on it. A high towing capacity is therefore a requirement. Also a right bugger that the C63 isn't type approved...
  3. Charles Morgan

    On the correct choice of reading matter for train journeys

    So, off to Norwich to collect my Alfa. I found a first class ticket cost £6 more than cattle class and thought I'd catch up with my reading. My choice, a thick tome on heather, a plant type I hoped to plant in my garden as ground cover to replace the nettles. Lots of pics, plenty of info...
  4. flango

    advice needed on wheel choice W208

    Been told my current alloys are too badly corroded to be refurbed for a third time so need to buy new. Car is below and currently sports monobloc VI however I think going to polished face and black gloss may freshen the look and have been offered a really good deal on a staggered set of the...
  5. ioweddie

    I need to buy a new bed so much choice Help

    Its easier to choose a new Mercedes than pick a suitable bed, so much choice, I think I want a pocket sprung divan 4ft 6inch with a faux leather headboard and 4 drawer storage, but then should I get a 5ft, what about individual mattresses on a double/king size. Any advice please. :dk:
  6. jonnyboy

    Help!! Multiple choice curry required!!

    So chaps. I have a bit of a problem! Kids bought me a curry making kit a while back. Lots and lots of flavour pack of all different types. Except last time i tried it i had an issue which, i have just realised after looking again - its all lies. Basically the same spices sachet with differences...
  7. uumode

    Can choice of own repairer be a more expensive quote?

    Normally with previous older cars I'd just go for the cheapest big name car insurer on confused/gocompare e.g. Aviva, AA, M&S, L&G at about £180-£200 pa. Having just acquired a brand new car, reading the small print of these companies most infer that you have to use their approved repairers...
  8. F

    Tyre choice

    Hi, my first post. I have just bought a CLK 55 AMG. It has 265-30x 19 rear tyres. Just put new Continentals on, and they don't feel safe in the wet. Should I go for 18" wheels with deeper tyres? Which tyres would be better in the wet ?
  9. M

    Given the choice of a W124 Coupe or a CLK 230, which one?

    Title pretty much says it all. Style wise I like both. Will choose one over the other depending on the day you ask. What I like more about the W124 Coupe is that it is available in 6 cyl. and manual transmission. The CLK is only available with a manual in 4-cyl. Reason I'm considering the...
  10. S

    C63 remap - choice of two...

    Hi everyone, Opinions please... C63 remap.. Eurocharged or Rebellion flash? Which one better? Thanks.
  11. S

    Tyres for Facelift S211 E320CDI 245 45 R17 best choice?

    Hi, I need new summer tyres for 56 E320CDI Estate. Current tyres are 245 45 ZR17 99Y. I have the following questions: 1. When I search by registration number the size is 225 45 R17. Has the previous owner put modified wheels or is it a standard set up? 2. Load rating: should it be 95 0r 99? (I...
  12. G

    Help with wheel choice (mainly the offset!)

    Evening all, I'm new to being a Mercedes owner & also to doing any type of modifications. I very much want to buy some new wheels for my E Class saloon but I'm so confused as to what the best thing to do is... Ideally I want to stick with original Mercedes wheels and I have found a set of 18"...
  13. c_200k

    Tough choice every morning

    The new family member:bannana::bannana::bannana: I prefer the E63 to drive but the M5 feels nicer to sit in and feels better put together:cool:
  14. Mrhanky

    New wheels confused with choice

    Chaps I really need some help and ideas please. Ive been unhappy with the look of my current Brabus wheels inside my arches. I pretty sure they have an unsuitable offset for my W211. Am I right in thinking my E55 would have had the following offset : front et30 and rear et39? Can you guys...
  15. D

    Engine choice 220CDi or 250CDi

    Have a chance of changing my c180 Se Exec for either a C Class Elegance 250Cdi or a C class coupe 22CDi just wondering what your thought were on choice. elegance comes with everything as standard whilst the Coupe only has the standard kit. Cars or very similar in price and mileage e.t.c...
  16. M

    clk430 rear wheel bearing ( best choice)

    Hi there all , I was looking on changing a rear wheel bearing, Any you guys help with a recommended choice ? Thanks
  17. V

    E-class coupe grille choice

    I'm planning to change the standard C207 grille on my black E350 and not sure which one to go for. Leaning towards the single fin grille but not sure if it looks better with a black surround (I've photoshopped it in the 2nd pic...badly)? I'd probably look to get it wrapped if going for the black...
  18. B

    2000 ML430 Oil choice

    Hi everyone, Ive recently bought an ML430 (W Reg - 2000) LPG. What would be the recommended oil for it? It says on its last service 5w 30 fully synth was used, is this right? Cheers
  19. J

    w202 amg alloys choice on my w202 c250 estate

    hi guys aint posted on here for a while but would like some options or info off anyone. at the moment the old girl is fitted with genuine 18 amg alloys with 225/40 all round. these are the standard 8 inch wide with an offset of ET31. im more than happy with them but the front one have always...
  20. Mr Fixit

    C32 rear tyre choice

    Probably been done before but nothing showing on the search;- Whats a good tyre and the general opinion for the C32 rears? Cheers
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