1. M

    W203 lost feed to cigar socket

    Hi all I have recently picked up a sports coupe c220 which is great but has a few niggles. One being the power socket has lost its ignition feed. I have checked the fuse is ok and there is battery feed at the fuse but got no feed at socket. Traced the wire back to where the parrot kit is wired...
  2. C

    124 series - switch next to cigar lighter

    The cigar lighter is inside the front ashtray on my 1995 124-series cabriolet. Right underneath it is a "slider" - see pic. It's not mentioned in the handbook, so what does this do, please? The socket comes live only with the ignition switch into the accessory or drive positions ... and the...
  3. flying banana

    E class cigar lighter wiring

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the connections to the cigar lighter in my e class. I'd like to use it as a hard wired power point for a phone charging cable, as it's easy to get to and close to the phone holder location. There are three connections - Brown (assuming ground) Grey/blue tracer...
  4. Sheffield Col

    Cigar lighter.

    Hi the cigar lighter in the centre console on my C class 220 cdi sport does not work, has any one else had this problem ?
  5. H

    cigar lighter stopped working

    Hi, I have a 6 year old e220 estate. The driver cigar lighter has stopped working but socket in luggage area is ok. Does front one have a fuse anywhere, ? If yes, where please. H
  6. S

    cigar fuse R230

    Hi All I am trying to locate the fuse for the cigar lighter in my SL, the manual shows where the fuse box is , but doesn't give you allocations of the fuses, nothing in the lid either, I need to charge my phone while driving, as I am off to Germany soon. Many thanks Ian
  7. Bladgb

    W639 viano cigar lighter (boot) and fusebox question

    Decided today was the day to fit a replacement cigar lighter in the viano boot. This is the one located to the right side near the jack. The reason was that the old one had a broken cover, and the inside of it was oxidised - it didn't work. I assumed this was due to the oxidation preventing a...
  8. E

    '98 W210 Cigar Lighter Part Number?

    As in the thread title, really. Does anyone know it? My cigar lighter removable element is missing - the car came from a small-time dealer, so of course it is... Can a kind soul tell me the part number, or do you need the VIN? (WDB2102742A762429). E55BOF
  9. W

    Vito 693 dash fuse box location, cigar socket fuse location

    I recently bought a 2008 Vito 639 and have found that the dash cigar socket doesn't work. I'd like to find the dash fuse box and identify the correct fuse for the cigar socket. I've tried researching this and have found information suggesting that the dash fuse box is located either behind...
  10. K

    cigar lighter

    Hello people looking for wee bit of help. I bought new cigar lighter socket but its different electrical plug can i buy an adapter to fit or any where i can buy genuine mercedespart cheap
  11. R

    W163 cigar lighters not working

    Hi there, Both front and rear cigar lighters are not working. I have checked all the fuses, i think. Are they connected to any other systems? Also, how the hell do I get the ash tray out of the front.... plaese don't tell me I need to take out the whole center console..:mad:
  12. DSM10000

    Cigar lighter removal and Park release

    The cigar lighter in my W203 saloon does not light up at night,also the cigar lighter does not latch but there is power to the socket as I can use a charger. Although I do not smoke I do like things to work properly, especially to illuminate where they should so how do I remove the assembly to...
  13. F

    Cigar smokers, help please! :)

    Being a mb forum, im sure there must be the odd cigar smoker in here! I've been enjoing the very occasional cigar for years now, but have always bought singles. I was recently given a few, and seeing it will be months before i get through them, i think its time i got a humidor. Now, im...
  14. S

    Switch beside cigar lighter - W210

    Hi All I have asked this question before but never got a definitive answer and it has always puzzled me. In the ashtray compartment of my 2001 W210 E220cdi I have a switch next to the cigar lighter. It has a straight line with some wavey lines above it. What is this switch, what is it...
  15. Littledigger

    W203 confusing cigar lighter socket problem

    I installed an extra cigar lighter socket in the ash tray compartment by tapping into the wiring for the socket in the cup holder compartment. I inserted the USB charger into the new socket and the led lit up to say it was powered (great) so i plugged my iPhone in and also plugged it into...
  16. R

    cigar lighter

    could anyone tell me how to remove the ashtray to replace the cigar lighter on a ml 270 2002. many thanks.
  17. drussellwilks

    Cigar Lighter Element for W124

    A new or used lighter element (just the button bit) for a Mercedes W124, can pay via paypal.
  18. R

    Cigar lighter fit

    Been trying to replace my complete cigar unit with a universal one, all my wiring in place but no heat going to lighter. The bulb lights up and the fuse etc is all correct but no heat going to it. When i put the unit over another battery it powers fine so it would point to the car.... anyone any...
  19. F

    W211 Cigar Lighter Switched Live

    On my 06 W211, I'm looking to take a switched 12v feed from the cigar lighter. There are 3 wires, a brown, a grey and a red with a white stripe. Is the red wire a switched 12v? And is the brown an earth? If so, what's the grey one? Thx FBB
  20. elviscymru

    Cigar lighter

    Ive got a E220 cdi yr2000. Does any one know how to get to the back of the cigar lighter ???
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