1. wongl

    Anyone successfully cloned the NTG2.5 Hard Dirve?

    I would like to clone the 40GB hard drive from W169 NTG2.5 so that I can use a 40GB SSD drive. Before rushing out to buy a 40GB SSD drive (which exists but quite hard to find), I have tried cloning the existing 40GB hard drive from NTG2.5 onto another 40GB drive using various cloning software...
  2. Palfrem

    Meat and milk from cloned animals

    BBC News - Cloned cow offspring meat in UK food chain, FSA says Anyone on here worried? I don't think I'd lose any sleep with this milk on my Cornflakes or a nice steak on my plate
  3. jonathan

    cloned cars

    my brother in law bought an 06 discovery about 10 days ago for £14,500. whilst transfering his plate on to it with the DVLA he was told there was a problem with the V5. Before he knew it there were police all over the car. It turns out the car was stolen and cloned with an original V5 from the...
  4. ckember

    cloned car

    a friend of mine was on his way to work recently and saw the same make/model and colour as his with the same reg. being driven by a white middle aged man. He is 25 and black. He therefore took the pictures of the clone and took them to the police. They said "so what do you want us to do about...
  5. BlackC55

    I have just had a cloned MB in the workshop

    As the title suggests. I had a cloned MB in the garage last week. It had a chassis number for a LHD car and some interesting chassis stickers. Ordering parts for it became a nightmare. I use the chassis number from the car the cd player came out of in the end. I informed the customer...
  6. F

    some mofo cloned my Credit card

    Just got a call from the bank to ask if i was buying clothes and flowers in FT lauderdale :devil:
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