1. F

    CONCOURS OF ELEGANCE, Windsor 2016
  2. 5

    MB Concours 18 June 2016 - these photos must be seen!

    Photos on this thread! 2016 International W124 500 Meeting - UK Edition - Page 2 Cheers Bill
  3. M

    How a Concours R107 SL is judged

    This is my Concours 1986 420SL (now retired) I have taken a set of photographs to help anyone who wishes to restore their own SL back to factory condition and also to show what the judges look for at a concours event. Concours Pictures
  4. Charles Morgan

    Allard Owners Club Concours, North York Moors 13/14 July

    Anyone in Yorkshire who wants a lovely old car and steam train day out, there is a classic car weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway this weekend. Get on a train and stop at the stations to have a look at a super collection of Allards. I won't be there as I can't drive at present but...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Bristol Owners Concours Greenwich 21.8.11

    To Greenwich Naval Hospital for the Bristol Owners Concours. A lovely day, bright and sunny for the most part. Virtually every type of Bristol ever made, lots of comments from numerous tourists. I got into a long conversation with a Bristol 405 owner who is restoring it, who turned out to own...
  6. U

    The Mercedes National Concours Day , Milton Keynes 25/6/11

    I understand the Mercedes-Club are holding a National Concours day at Mercedes-Benz UK head Office , Milton Keynes this Saturday (25/6/2011) Anyone been ? Whats it like ?
  7. WDB124066

    Concours 300SL Roadster

    Popped along to the local Concourse' d Elegance over the weekend and took this shot of a 300 SL Roadster, right after an on-looker found out what it is worth, by the looks... Enjoy!
  8. vijilants

    MB World Concours d’Elegance Sat 6th sept Anyone going ? Should be some interesting cars there. I think the Official MB Club are involved with this.
  9. G

    Aussie Mercedes-Benz Concours and Display Day

    For those who may be in Sydney, Australia on Sunday 11 September, the Mercedes-Benz Club (NSW) Inc. is holding their annual Concours and Display Day. Mercedes-Benz vehicles ranging from the 1930s to current models will be on display and many will be entered for judging. The 190SL will be be...
  10. C240Sport97

    Concours condition 250 4 door 1972 Merc

    Just saw a factory fresh 32 year old upright rectangular lights Mercedes saloon from 1972. In flat light blue, with 4 speed manual, no PAS, LHD and only 60k kms. It looked, felt and smelt brand new. Am smitten. Anyone has any idea how much the car is worth? Cheers, SEAN
  11. B

    Zymol Concours Wax 226g

    Hi this might interest the "show&shiners" out there,will also have your car smelling of coconuts and bananas :D .Brand new,comes in red cloth bag& certificate.Suitable for all paint types and colours,below is some info from the zymol site. Concours Glaze was originally designed by the...
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