1. M

    ML320 VS ML420 pros and cons

    I've not found yet E320 in shape and form that I would like to buy so I'm expanding my search adding the ML to the list. Should have pick one on Sunday but the seller decide to sell it prior to my agreed visit. Never mind it's gone. My question is as per title ML320 VS ML420 pros and cons...
  2. B

    Not sure if quite understand the pro cons of agility finance?

    Basically I've done a search on past threads and I'm still not completely sure on the real benefits/cons of pcp and hire purchase I will be taking a bank loan out to cover the deposit as per say as I'll need to take out some anyway for home renovations and since on the market for a new car...
  3. alanm999

    Woes and Cons of replacing cps !

    Hi first let me thank ALL for this very informative site without whose help I could not still be driving my car. I was having trouble starting my e 320 cdi and posted for help and the most likely culprit was the crank position sensor purchased cps and set about replacing said item ! to say...
  4. S

    amg pros and cons

    Hi guys and girls.... Im thinking of selling my bmw e39 530i msport and buy myself a C32, C36 or a C43 AMG. What should I be looking for when I go to view? anything to look out for or check?
  5. S

    Pros and cons of your AMG

    Hi all, Been about a week since delivery of my W204 C63 estate. Love the car but did find something annoying about car, which got me thinking what are the pros and cons of your AMG? Although still running in and exploring the features, I ll start by: Pros: Engine noise (ok so this is probably...
  6. poormansporsche

    Not mercedes as such but V6 v Straight 6 engines, pros and cons ???

    Just always wondered the reasoning behind each say build cost, fuel consumption, space in the bay and power etc etc ???? Cheers Brett
  7. D

    E320 Sport (55) Pros and Cons

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy an E series Merc. I've not driven many cars so some advice would be appreciated. I've test driven a couple of C-class but I'm worried about the legroom in the back - my little ones aren't so little any more so I really need a car to carry 4 adults in...
  8. M

    5G-Tronic and 7G-Tronic: Pros and Cons

    Hello, I will buy e coupe e350cdi with 7g tronic or e250 cdi with 5g tronic gear. Can you please compare two gear option with prons and cons ? Thank you.
  9. X

    sport coupe c200 fuel cons instead of temp

    This is a long shot.. but My w203 c200 sport coupe has 2 indication possible for the dash. ourdoor temp & speed. Is it possible to change that to fuel consu instead of having it only in the km overage ??
  10. TheGrocer

    Extended Warranty Pros & Cons

    My luverly E320 is 3 years old on Sept 15th and its going into the main dealer for a final warranty check up. I love this car and plan keeping it for as long as I can. I also want to try and protect myself with some type of extended warranty. With 45K on the clock Im going to ask MB to provide a...
  11. L

    E270 CDI Pro & Cons of ownership

    I am considering buying a used E270 CDI, (or the E320 CDI if I can find the extra cash) the new shape and probably 02 - 03 registered. I am interested in what members experiences have been - good and bad ref ownership costs, servicing, mpg etc. Also is there anything which I must look for when...
  12. benzyone

    SLK 230 or 320 pros and cons ???

    My mates looking at getting an slk, good man. but he undecided on which one to go for, 230 or 320 ? your thoughts please gentlemen ???? Thanks Matt
  13. CAT220

    '98 500 SL Pros and Cons ?

    Interested in buying one of these around March next year have saw several low mileage examples (under 40,000) in the 15-20k mark. Whats everyone's opinion on these? Have checked the insurance and it less than £600 full comp for the year, id only really be using the car three times a week mostly...
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