1. merc85

    2002 w211 no power centre consol

    Hi a there a main fuse for compartment above the front ashtray? It's the electrical compartment tha also has stuff like hazard switch, heated seats etc as I've no power inc no hazards although indicators etc are all fine it's only that compartment that has no power? Any help much appreciated.
  2. D

    Centre consol sliding storage draw

    Does anyone know how to repair/replace the sliding door on the storage compartment underneath the ashtray, behind the gear shift? Does anyone know the part # for this piece It appears that it slides on a track of some kind, and whatever piece holds it to the track has come loose and has...
  3. jay1983

    W163 ml center consol upgrade

    As above is it possible to change a pre facelift consol to the facelifted 1? Has it ever been done?
  4. Littledigger

    W203 facelift Estate consol switch bank and surround

    It must have the rear wiper buttons included and the surround. The surround can be any variant as i intend to vinyl wrap the centre consol.
  5. smillion

    Rear DVD screen for W211 for centre consol

    To link in with my Command Thanks Marc
  6. Chas


    Mercedes S CLASS W220 CENTRE CONSOL TRIM :) Tele Atlas United Kingdom Ireland 2005 DX BLAUPUNKT...
  7. andyd1

    124 centre consol

    how do i remove the centre consol on my 124 merc i have removed the ash tray the 2 screws at the bottom aswell. i dont want to prise it off incase i break something can anybody help cheers andy
  8. Mr Malle

    centre consol fasia panel

    how do i remove this? i've taken out the ashtray and removed the 2 screws at the bottom, how do i take out the rest? does it just pull out or do i need to take it to peices 1st? and its a w220 s class
  9. Mr Malle

    centre consol

    hi, i'm after a centre consol for a w220 s class, the one with the tape or cd, (audio 10/30) (not a command one) i want to cut it to fit in my dvd screen.
  10. C

    w209 clk centre consol removal

    Can anybody provide me with the removal instructions for the centre console of a 2004 pre-facelift CLK 240 as I'm going to fit a UHI telephone system and cradle into the arm rest? I'm also looking for a micrphone ( part No A2208201735 ) if anybody has one. Many thanks for looking.
  11. A

    Centre Consol in CLK

    Just picked up an Aug02 CLK320 (new shape) The centre consol (under the phone kit) seems to be 90% filled with a grey plastic box ... does anyone know what this is? I assumed that it was part of the phonekit but the dealer said it was to do with the aircon :confused: Also the model I have...
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