1. S

    E320 Conv - how much?! £17250!? :crazy:
  2. R

    Been to look at a CLK320 conv... few queries.

    Just been to look at a CLK320 **********e convertible, have a few questions. Firstly, the battery was flat when i turned up at the garage, because the car has apparently been stood for a month without been started. Car started first time with the battery jump start connected. But having...
  3. Seamster15

    Cheap CLK 320 Conv How does this guy make money ?
  4. sweeney

    CLK conv (w208) Sales Brochure 2003

    Hi Guys, anyone know wher this might be downloadable as a pdf or similar? Thanks
  5. JaceyBoy

    Conv Alarm

    How do I turn down the sensitivity of the alarm when the roof is down?, as soon as the wind blows a little it goes off:(
  6. c955

    Fabulous W124 E320 Conv

    This looks like a fabulous buy for the money...assuming nothing major needing doing...lovely! W124 E320 Convertible .
  7. J

    clk conv. rear bar lock??

    PLEASE HELP>>clk conv. rear bar lock?? can anyone advise?? I've an 04 clk convertable. the rear anti rollover bars have pushed the rear headrests upton the roof. I'd like to know how to release them......Pete
  8. D

    CLK Conv Wind Blocker

    I have bought what seemed to be a bargain wind blocker for my 2000 CLK. It appears to be a permanent mounting, fitting under the front of the rear seat, then pulling out as a roller blind. My problem is i do not see how it will stay open, what is supposed to attach to, does anybody have any...
  9. Howard

    Unusual clk320 conv. I quite like the colour actually..... :)
  10. janner

    W124 conv sold for $38,100

    If only it was RHD
  11. janner

    Fire damaged E36 AMG Conv.

    Doesn't look too bad to me...
  12. MBenzNL

    nappa/alcantara 208 conv interior

    I have a complete original mercedes charcoal nappa leather/alcantara interior for the W208 CLK convertible for sale...This interior came out of a Japanese (MB test)car, is complete and is in a newlike condition. The seats are power adjusteable with memory and are heated (headrests are...
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