1. poormansporsche

    AMG Kitted CLK Conv - £400 !!!!

    worth buying for the bumpers alone - must be of use to someone on here :)
  2. I

    Utter Heap, 126 TD conv - hanging.

    mercedes w126 380SE Turbodiesel conversion | eBay Ok, eye of the beholder! How have they got that turbo into a RHD? Never mind, what a mess. Who's bidding?
  3. D

    1999 CLK 430 conv indicator problem

    my indicators have started to stop working until I trickle charge the battery , this solves the problem for a day or two. No other poor battery performance issues ... Starts ok and everything else works... Battery only 18 months old - are the two connected? (Battery & indicator failure..)
  4. A

    Brake pads for CLK 209 conv.

    Dear all, My CLK (209) convertible requires my front pads (possibly new discs). Could anyone recommend the way forward to have this done, please? There are so many garages and repair centres which offer those kind of services, I just do not know which way to look. Many thanks for any...
  5. A

    CLK 208 320 conv engine problems

    So here we go, Im fairly good with spanners etc and have OBD reader etc Not had time to do lots of diagnostic/logic to this and hoping someone will save me lots of time and point me to most likely(please god). 51plate 70k 320 in very good condition FSH etc. Cant use reader as no interface...
  6. A

    Mercedes mats 01 208 clk conv light grey

    Hi, looking for full genuine merc mat set for 208 clk convertible in the light ash grey colour. used/new so long as price is reasonable and excellent condition!
  7. A

    OBDII on 51plate 320 CLK conv

    Hi New to Mercs but not to vehicle mechanics etc. Got an OBDII reader that has saved a fortune for me in the past. Its got the standard D type connector. Can I use this on 2001 320 CLK conv and if so where is the interface on the car? Read I may need a converter cable etc.?
  8. A

    clk conv 208 drivers window

    hi bought a 2001 clk convertible drivers window drops when you open door and rises when you close it problem is that the drivers glass now seems to be out of alignment with rear glass/seal as they sort of overlap at the top. Danger is that when I close the door now, the glasss is hitting the...
  9. L

    E Class Coupe & Conv Winter Wheels & Tyres

    PANIC SNOW IS COMING!! ;) :D Hi all, I have a set of these wheels for E Class Coupe or Cab (offset is different for Sedan sorry): Mercedes alloy wheels | Genuine new 18" Mercedes 5 Spoke | fits Mercedes E Class Convertible A207 | Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd About two months old, < 1000 mls on...
  10. M

    Rear tyres shot at 9k - E350 Cdi Conv

    Cars been getting really playful just lately didn't think the rear tyres would be completely worn but at under less than 9k they are on the wear indicators :-( The cars a 2011 e-class cab 350 Cdi sport running 255/30/19's at the back. Do I stick with the conti's or go for something else? I...
  11. A

    rear conv hinges part no MA209 750 01 21

    hi, looking for anyone who just happens to have sitting around the above hinges for a w209 conv. thanks
  12. bennesspipers

    Wanted, Cat conv for W202 C220 '95 petrol

    I need a Cat Converter for my 1995 W202 C220 petrol, its unlike most in that the entrance pipe goes into the side of the box. New or secondhand .
  13. M

    CLK 230 Comp Conv Boot lock

    Hi all, Ive googled to death the obvious recurring issue with the boot lock on the model (1999). Ive Wd 40'd it, toothbrushed it, wiggled and waggled it etc etc etc.....i think im at the end of the road and or my capability - But i still dont have a working boot and am looking to sell the car so...
  14. P

    Clk320 conv

    I have just been to see an X reg CLK320 Conv at a dealers it has 96k on the clock but has no Service History and no manuals either. I had a good look around it and everything appears to be ok, engine nice and quiet on start up and not searching up and down when warm, all electric gizmos work...
  15. P

    Hello from newbie - question about clk320 conv

    Hi I`m wanting a CLK320 Conv and have been and had a look at one today, its an X plate in Silver with 96k (No History). Had a good look around the car and all seems ok, engine fired up no problems no smoke or rattles, tried all the electrics and everything appeared to work as it should except...
  16. R

    W208 Conv intermittant roof problem

    My 2000 CLK 430 conv has recently developed a problem lifting the roof. This happens, I would guess, once in 5 'lifts' and each time the lift stops after the front of the roof has lifted about 2-3" away from the windscreen. The remedy appears simple, just push the front of the roof up...
  17. G

    CLK Conv W208 boot sub not working

    Hi everyone, want some advice on what is fitted to my car. Not had it long and the stereo setup isn't standard. Just swapped an aftermarket Kenwood head unit for a new bluetooth one and had a good look over the car. In the boot there is a Sony xplod amp which appears to power the sub that vents...
  18. C

    CLK W208 Conv Windows Not allowing doo to shut

    Dear All, I have just bought a 2000 CLK320 convertible W208 The windows strike the canvass of the roof when shutting making it difficult to shut the door without either slamming it shut, probably not a good idea or lowering the window a bit. The passenger side has the same problem but not as...
  19. S

    Folding electric mirrors CLK 320 Conv W208

    Hi, Sat in the car all ready to go to work and noticed that the driver side wing mirror was not right. Used the button to fold them back in and when I pressed the button to fold out the mirror kept turning. The passenger mirror was fine and it stopped in the correct position. Got out of the...
  20. S

    Clk 320 w208 2001 conv catalytic converter

    My cats let go on Tuesday evening. Just happened out of the blue. No previous signs of letting go. Started the car in the evening and the rattle started. I was hoping it was the heat shield or one of the brackets loose. Following day I took my car to show my merc specialist mechanic. He...
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