1. Londonscottish

    NTG 2.5 - how do I copy files to the hard drive?

    Hi, I've got as far as loading some MP3's onto the card in the dash but can't see how to then copy them over onto the hard drive. Can someone tell me where the option is? Thanks
  2. S

    18 inch AMG wheel copy

    Hi, Selling this wheel that I had as a spare. It's some AMG copy from Styledynamix I believe? Has some kerbing but looks tidy as a spare - has contrasting inner rim and polished spokes / lip. What's it worth? £60? Based in London R
  3. D

    190 evi 2 DTM copy best in the the uk so says him

    MERCEDES 190E EVOLUTION 2 (1.8 2.0 2.3 2.5-16V COSWORTH AMG DTM) | eBay
  4. T

    Can you copy MP3 from command back to USB?

    Hi all, I want to copy some MP3s from my brothers w204 2012 c63 onto mine car, is it possible to copy from the Hdd to a usb? Thanks
  5. fab1975

    Outrageous: wannabe "E Class" in Vienna

    Last week I was in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe... when suddenly I saw this monstrosity and literally thought "what the **** is this?!?" Pardon my language, but I was just outraged. I had seen pictures of Chinese clones on the web, but meeting one in real life is a completely...
  6. OneForTheRoad

    amg copy alloy wanted.

    18 inch , must be true . anyone got a one they would sell.
  7. Spinal

    Copy & Paste on Xbox One

    Does anyone know how to copy & paste the Wifi password to an Xbox one? My password is a little long/complex (56 characters, randomly generated every month) so don't really want to type it in manually.... M.
  8. A

    Copy of metal key cut?

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has managed to get a copy of the metal key blade cut by a locksmith (I have the type shown in the attached pic which slots into the fob)? I tried one near me but he said the whole fob has to be replaced and will cost £200 ish. My fob works fine I just...
  9. M

    Beijing Auto BJ80 is copy of the Mercedes G-Wagen

    This is insane, only the front looks like a Hummer H2 or a Jeep. Would like to see how it will do in crash testing LOL Beijing Auto BJ80 is copy of the Mercedes G-Wagen 17 pictures and details in the gallery .
  10. B

    Copy MP3 files FROM the Comand hard drive module

    Yes - I know this is a strange request! But - I'm about to trade in my E class Cab for a new one and have about 2000 MP3 tracks on the car's Hard Drive. Is there any way I can copy them back onto a USB stick (i.e. the reverse of the normal process) in order to transfer them to the new car...
  11. M

    DTB P-B-07.16/55c. Would anyone have a copy please!!!

    Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone would be able to get me a copy of DTB P-B-07.16/55c (supersedes 55a and b) I think I might have the EGR problem, as I'm experiencing jerkiness during light load throttle when warming up and no fault codes. Car is a 2006 V6 cdi Thanks Barry
  12. trapperjohn

    15" 15" Copy Mercedes Wheels.

    That should read 15" 15 Hole. Having a clear out of the old garden shed. As you can see, 6 off fake/copy/not OEM Alloy Wheels. Either made in Italy or Belgium. They are all 6.5J and the ET varies between 45 and 49 depending on the wheel !!! Well thats what is says on the back. Collect from...
  13. haggis2768

    7.5 x15 intra (amg copy)

    Set of five intra alloys from my S124. Four good tyres( various makes) these were fitted to my S124 when I bought it but are no longer required. Can arrange delivery, Open to reasonable offers.
  14. M

    Copy of a corrupt EPC/WIS 2009 File please?

    A file on my EPC installation DVDs is unreadable. I've managed to install WIS but the EPC installation stumbles on this file. Can anyone supply me this file please? I'm willing to pay for posting to me on a CD (it's only 397MB), if you haven't got dropbox or similar. It's on EPC Disk 3 of 3...
  15. developer

    Koreans copy the SL but as usual, get it wrong

    Funny how far eastern car design is so ugly. I don't think the R230 has anything to worrry about.
  16. Frankie

    G wagen copy

    I can´t even remember what the search began with but I ended up finding this company. One of there models looks like the Tata Loadbeta(which also looks like an older Mercedes),some older Mercedes vans,Unimog type vehicle and finally a G Wagen copy.  : Force Motors LTD.
  17. c955

    Will MB copy BMW?

    Who came up with the idea that this would be a good thing and help to sell more cars? BMW's New M5 Will Play Engine Sounds Through Its Car Stereo :dk:
  18. V

    USB to Music Register copy problem

    Hi, I've got a W212 and am trying to copy some music from an 8Gb USB stick to music register, but I keep getting the display that there are no music files on the carrier? The files on the USB are MP3. Tried copying a couple of the MP3 albums to a cd and the car saw them fine. I am going to...
  19. The _Don

    Free copy of f1 racing magazine.

    F1 Racing is the world's best-selling F1 magazine and exclusively dedicated to the glamorous and adrenaline-fuelled sport of Formula 1. With no-nonsense writing, award-winning photography and unique behind-the-scenes access, F1 Racing magazine gets right under the skin of the world's...
  20. LTD

    Anyone got a copy of OS X 10.5.x ???

    Does anyone have a copy of Mac OS X 10.5.8 of later to enable me to update my PPC iMac ? I'm running 10.4.11 and the Apple aren't selling the 10.5 version anymore. Just got myself a new iPhone 4 and cannot upgrade iTunes to the required version without updating the OS :wallbash:
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