1. Braincrank

    fan coupling

    I'm looking for a electro magnetic fan clutch but all the sites I've checked only come up with viscous couplings .... What are the pros and cons of viscous vs magnetic ?
  2. Simonv8

    C63 prioshaft coupling kit

    Brand new propshaft coupling kit Purchased for my 2013 c63 but never got round to fitting it and now sold the car Part number. A 000 411 10 00 All bolts and nuts still in unopened bag New from MB £130 inc vat £60 plus postage I am near high Wycombe in bucks if you want to collect See if...
  3. T

    Viscous coupling

    Just fitting a new coupling...when tightened onto the pulley the whole coupling sits in or almost touching the pulley behind and can turn this correct? When fixing the fan blades onto the coupling they seem to touch the other pulleys so too far back and I am wondering if I am...
  4. A

    'Rear propshaft coupling is split requires replacing'

    I recently bought an SL55. I am reading the last garage bill that came with car, under recommendations this was stated so it has not been replaced. What is this? and how is it effecting my car currently? and how much does it cost. Thank you.
  5. Merlin1

    New C class W205 saftey recall steering coupling

    Saftey recall letter recived this morning (UK) booked in for tomorrow. "We have established that on some cars it is possible the steering column coupling may have been installed incorrectly. In this condition noises and restrictions in steering movement may be noticeable. In extreme cases the...
  6. tonyc280

    Viscous Coupling

    I understand that a "Viscous Coupling" works on the principal that when the oil inside gets thicker it spins quicker but surely that's not the case as fluids get thinner when hotter. Forgive my ignorance if in missing something. T.:doh::dk:
  7. tonyc280

    Viscous coupling and where from ?

    Hi chappies. I think my viscous coupling has had it. Just wondering how hard to get off and where to get one from. Cheers, tony. Car is a c280 w202
  8. babyblueCE

    Propshaft coupling 124

    Hello. I am due to change my front propshaft coupling tomorrow and before I start it states in the Haynes manual that I need to remove the whole shaft just to change the front coupling. Is there anyway I can change the front coupling without having to remove the shaft or do I need to remove the...
  9. M

    Cracks On Rear Prop Shaft Coupling

    Having only just bought my 2005 CLK 320 Auto I thought I would phone round the companies that have serviced the car before to check what had been done, or not, and see if there had been any advisories or other observations of note. It's just had the oil change for the automatic transmission...
  10. johnsco

    E430 m113940 viscous coupling

    Changing the viscous coupling on the E430 looked a pretty-simple job. (Bad mistake #1) I guess the photos speak for themselves. Someone has been there before me and has butchered the 36mm hex nut that secures the coupling to the water pump pulley. I have given it everything I've got with the...
  11. B

    E320 124 1995 fan coupling

    Hi, Been doing a search re faulty fan couplings. The posts/threads I've seen all talked about the fan coupling being weak, wont fully engage. My problem however is that the fan blades are engaged all the time, since fitting a new thermostat because the running temp was always below or on 80. Is...
  12. Druk

    107 Prop coupling.

    Checked the 107 propshaft last week. Found this... Not even a slight noise or judder when driving it. Glad I looked now. New coupling from Merc... £95.00 + vat..:(
  13. Spinal

    W202 Viscous Fan Coupling

    It's that time in her life I'm afraid... yes, the time where she gets all moody, overheats for no apparent cause and when you shove a carrot (or fennel when you're low on carrots) she just stops spinning. Oh wait, I'm getting carried away... Did a carrot test the other day, and my...
  14. 300CE

    W124 Propshaft Coupling Part Number

    Do any of you chaps know the Part Number for the front propshaft coupling on a W124 for a 1990 300CE (or where i can look on-line)?! Many thanks in advance!
  15. bennesspipers

    viscous coupling

    Anyone know how i can test if the viscous coupling on my W202 C220 is doing its job correctly ? I ask because iv recently changed the water pump & changed the engine oil, left it running for half an hour, & when i came back to it the temp was nearly on 100, took it for a ride & it soon cooled...
  16. S

    Checking 190E viscous coupling

    My 190E gets a bit hot (idling in traffic even when freezing it touches 105c on the gauge). I changed the thermostat and when moving the temperature is always at 85c or so. So, for the viscous coupling for the engine fan - how can I check it or oil (?) it to make sure it works?
  17. slav4o1

    230CE fan coupling issue

    hello guys, i am currently having nightmare with my fan coupling. the story: car overheats in traffic so i spotted fan doesnt rotate therefore I got a fan coupling (magnetic) from euro car parts for 48 quid. Right i took the fan off it is held on one bolt. then there are 4 torx T30 bolts to take...
  18. paddy@polyposta

    500E 1991 Fan Viscose Coupling renewal

    Hi, anyone ever changed the viscose coupling on a 500E/E500? Some advice would be appreciated, have removed radiator, fan, shroud, pipes to radiators etc. Now with an 8mm alan key placed into centre of bolt which I can only presumme holds the thing on, cannot get it off. Does the bolt turn...
  19. D

    Behr viscous coupling - where to buy?

    I'm working on a kit car for someone that has a broken viscous coupling (cooling fan clutch). I'm unsure of the origins of this viscous (i.e. whether it was supplied by Ford, GM, MB, etc) but I'm informed it may have come off a Mercedes 190E. It's a BEHR item and has the Behr part number...
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