1. M

    Ghost Courtesy Door Lights - Your Take?

    Hi All, I think I may not do this, as a little poncy, but they are fairly cheap and very easy to fit. Install pics and video here: 2X Mercedes Benz W215 R300 R350 R500 R320 R400 W164 ML500 ML320 ML350 ML400 X164 GL Class LED car door projector Logo light...
  2. Fendttrisix

    Easter courtesy car

    Looking forward to picking up the E43Amg from Mercedes Benz of Edinburgh today for the Easter weekend. Should be fun. Need to take it back on Monday though
  3. SomebodyCalledJ

    Courtesy cars

    My car is soon to be booked in for some warranty work at my local stealer and was just advised my courtesy car options were a VW Up or Polo... Was a bit surprised to here I wasn't being offered an MB, maybe I have been spoiled in the past by other manufacturers, but made me wonder what other MB...
  4. G

    Door Courtesy MB Logo Lights - W169 W245

    I bought these, but used a different set, so brand new, boxed and working perfectly - see pics. These will fit W169 / C169; W245 and X204. There might be other models, not sure - please see the type and position of the socket. Plug and play - simply remove your existing...
  5. lisa110rry

    Thumbs up for a lovely courtesy car, VW!

    Whilst on the scurvy run to Norfolk on Christmas Eve, my husband, as he likes to put it, hit a peasant in his Motability car. Actually the *pheasant* hit us, but hey ho, the upshot is damage to the bonnet near the catch and to the grill. The dealership booked his car in for repair but warned...
  6. DannyHall

    Courtesy car

    Car is in for it's first service next week and i'm wondering what the usual etiquette is for the courtesy car choice? Like for like? I'm driving home from Germany for a week to get it done so don't want to waste a day waiting around for it to get done. Also, whilst cleaning it I chipped a bit...
  7. developer

    Courtesy Cars Are Good For You

    Now, some of this is obvious, but stay with me. Service time for the E63, the car I drive day in, day out, so I drop the car and pick up the service manager's GLC 4matic. It's a nice change, I think to myself, as I drive off the forecourt - high driving position, giving excellent...
  8. garno

    Interior passenger map courtesy light removal

    Majoring chaps, I am trying to replace the interior map reading/courtesy light in my 2010 W221. (interior lighting rear right passenger map courtesy Mercedes S-Class W221 A221820160) anyone know how to get the thing off? Thanks garno
  9. garno

    Footwell courtesy lights W221 S Class 2010 500

    Morning chaps, Are they meant to stay on all the time when it's dark. I can only turn them off when I press the all interior light off button on the interior map and sunroof console? Cheers garno
  10. russwagg

    Door courtesy lights

    Good evening all, Apologies but I am unable to find the info I am looking for... Does anyone happen to know if the power supply for the above lights is within the doors? I have a 2013 C Class Coupe , has the lights in the bottom of the doors but does not have the leads feeding them, both...
  11. Group Captain

    Door courtesy lights

    I intend to replace the red courtesy door lights on my 2008 c180 saloon. Rather than randomly stab at them with a screwdriver, can somebody tell me whereabouts on the light i should apply a lever to pop it out?
  12. Group Captain

    Door courtesy lights

    I intend to replace the red courtesy door lights on my 2008 c180 saloon. Rather than randomly stab at them with a screwdriver, can somebody tell me whereabouts on the light i should apply a lever to pop it out?
  13. T

    MB symbol courtesy lights.

    I've had my Mercedes courtesy lights for 2 months now without fitting as thought I'd have to do a bit of wiring and I'm not diy savvy to say the least. Just had a go at it and literally plug out and plug in new one. Not even 2 minutes work. Will take pictures when it gets dark and stick up...
  14. vijilants

    For Sale: W202 C Class 1999 facelift front courtesy lights cluster

    For Sale, W202 C Class (1999) Courtesy lights cluster in very good condition. £15 Plus £7 P&P
  15. MancMike

    Courtesy car - how will this work?

    Hi, My red car is being resprayed under warranty. I was told it'd be between 2 and 3 weeks for the work to be done. Later I was given the 18th as the date they're aiming to have the work done by, but this is only a day over 2 weeks, which is right on target from their original two to three...
  16. N

    Limited time 2-EHN Cetane booster offer courtesy of the BioDiesel forum

    The Bio Diesel making boys over at have negotiated a cracking deal on 2-EHN. It's a limited time offer, good for 2 weeks from 4.3.16. Registration is required to see the page. Login
  17. uumode

    Mercedes Benz insurance courtesy car

    The Mercedes Benz provided insurance "Section 12 Courtesy Car After an accident covered by your policy, and if your car is repaired by an approved repairer, a small 1.0L 3-door car will be provided whilst your car is repaired." I don't you can find a lower spec courtesy car if you...
  18. ChrisA

    MSL New Courtesy Car is in at MSL for modifying cooling mods as not optimal ....which means I received their A45 AMG modified monster :eek: Last year I had the pleasure of using their C63 800bhp mad machine for 4 weeks and that was a little too uncomfortable due to the racing set up. This time I...
  19. N

    BMW M5 experience as Courtesy car, whilst My E63 was in for repair…

    Sadly nearly 3 weeks ago, my E63 had a minor accident: another car went in the back of mine (minor hit) when I was stationary at a traffic light, the driver misjudged the distance and braked a little too late. It resulted with a minor scratch and damage on my rear left bumper. The driver...
  20. M

    Guess our new Courtesy Cars

    Arrived today, anyone guess what we went for? Clues: - Brand New Car & Model - Cheap to Run Photos tomorrow once they have been sign written....
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