1. gaz_l

    Cr*p cars I have driven..

    Greetings, Citizens. Added another car to my not-wish list yesterday.. had to go to a meeting at another business unit first thing this morning and as it's 130 miles away I drove down last night and stayed in a hotel. I booked a hire car as we are allowed to do so if there's a justification...
  2. sheepy67

    holy crp, E63 amg front discs

    Having just bought my E63 amg and have been tweaking it abit, i thought i would enquire as to the price of replacement front discs and pads Now i was quoted £750 for the CLS55 amg all round discs and pads fitted soooo when i was quoted £1800 for just the front discs and pads without...
  3. S

    SRS light - Yellow CRP connector under seat

    Does anyone know how to remove the yellow connector under the seat? Just want to check the wiring but can't seem to get it out.
  4. Spinal

    More Virgin Media Cr*p

    A while ago Virgin Media rolled out bandwitdh capping in peak hours for peak users... I threatened to change, and was told that if I upgraded to their 50mb package, there was no capping... So, as there was other provider that could offer more than 1.8mb to my house (in the middle of...
  5. jontyash

    It scared the cr*p out of me!!!!

    So I took the car for a test drive last night after fitting new HT leads, plugs and air filter and I was really chuffed with the results...brilliant... While I was messing around in the car doing all this, I saw that a little black plug under the rear seat (passenger side) was disconnected so...
  6. C

    Mercedes - utter cr*p!!!

    Can't believe what's happened! Going home last night in R reg E300 TD loud bang & front of car drops. Have a look & nearside front right down on wheel. Car recovered this morning to local independent - up on lift & the whole of upper spring mounting has corroded & sheared off inner wing...
  7. Iyse

    Mercedes Performance - Talking cr*p?

    I called up someone from the other day to talk about possible mods to my W202 and I was still left a little confused as to a few of the things he told me. 1) Hearing a lot about fitting an induction kit messing about with the MAS meant I asked him if the...
  8. Alps

    roadrage by cr*p driver

    have to tell you guys about this one i was driving down the A12 back to my other halfs place, must have been cruising at approx 85, when i was about to pass a silver astra who seemed to be driving normally in the left hand lane, all of a sudden he pulls out in front, but i read the situ and...
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