1. D

    W203 C32 factory frosted Xenons want to swap to crystal projectors but have QUESTIONS

    Hi all I have a 2002 W203 C32 AMG it has the factory Xenon's but in the frosted old style lenses and I really want to change them for a more modern look of crystal projector headlights What I want to know is can I buy the Depo crystal projectors that are halogen but fit them with a H7 HID...
  2. M

    Crystal Serum in action

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well! Last week i popped to a clients house who had his DBS booked in for signature paint correction/CS advanced coating detail back in April. It hadnt been touched since as He was worried breathing on it after, let along cleaning it. The car was going back in the...
  3. MancMike

    That crystal encrusted CLS.

    That crystal encrusted CLS is now up for sale and the money is apparently going to be donated to the Manchester and Moldova dogs' homes. Russian student's pimped-out Mercedes CLS 350 with a MILLION Swarovski crystals on eBay | Daily Mail Online
  4. M

    Gemclean Detailing: MBClub Member st13phil E63 BiTurbo Gtechniq Crystal Serum.

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is well & been enjoying the glorious weather we’ve been having recently! Work is very busy as usual, so not much time to get threads up recently. But I thought I would put this one up as though I have completed quite a few Gtechniq Crystal Serum paint correction details...
  5. M

    Mercedes GL Black Crystal by Larte Design

    That is one complicated front bumper. from press release: The custom SUV also comes equipped with a unique four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system designed by renowned exhaust manufacturer, Remus. The exhaust's complex shape – steel on the inside and carbon on the outside –...
  6. M

    EXCLUSIVE-Gemclean Detailing 2014 Official Trailer-Gtechniq Crystal Serum

    Hi Guys, As some of you may know, in the next 2 weeks I will be lauching my all new look website. Over the last 3 years my business has evolved greatly and I appriciate and its members have played a huge part in my business developement. Its been a great privelege to work on some...
  7. M

    Gemclean Detailing-All new Gtechniq Crystal Serum launch-Ferrari 360 Monster Detail

    Hi Guys, As you may or may not know, my website has been running for about 3.5 years now. Due to how busy work can be its very difficult to update it with recent vehicles and testimonials. Luckily 99% of clients who have work done by me follow my work on my company facebook account so it’s...
  8. M

    Ultimate 50/50 and crystal lacquer coating demo.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I would share with you the ultimate 50/50 I demo'ed at the mbclub open day we had late last year at the studio. Well worth the look at what can be fixed: Gemclean Detailing-Ultimate 50/50 - YouTube The corrected side was the crystal lacquered & hydrophobic coating...
  9. M

    Gemclean Detailing-C1, EXOv2 & I1 Crystal lacquer & Hydrophobic coating in action!

    Hi Guys, As the title says! This was mbclub member 'Aeroman' 2013 Bentley GTC 4,000 miles after it was in for the full works. This shows how the coatings work a 6 months into being applied on a dirty car. This was just before christmas, so enjoy, Gemclean Detailing-Gtechniq C1 EXOv2 & I1...
  10. T

    R129 Crystal Indicators

    Hi Looking into changing my front side indicators to crystal indicators as advertised on ebay - see link. I have enquired about them and they say they are made by Depo. would appreciate your thoughts. SET OF CRYSTAL CLEAR INDICATORS FOR THE MERCEDES SL R129 89-01 BRAND NEW & RARE | eBay...
  11. T

    Motor Racing @ Crystal Place

    Heads up guys, went last year good fun & cheap Motor Sport at the Palace 2013
  12. M

    Gemclean Detailing-Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet-Full Correction & Crystal Lacquer.

    Hi Guys, Not an MB, so wont do a write up here (unless theres enough volume of members interested) but a final shot and a 'walk around' HD video of the car on completion. Was in for the following this week gone: -Full correction detail. -Complete wheels off detail. -Interior Detail...
  13. M

    C350CDi - freshly detailed, and protected with Crystal Rock!

    Hi all, Bit of an introductory post from me this one. I'm a detailer by trade, based in Altrincham, South Manchester, and have joined up on the say so of an existing forum member who is a friend of mine. I'm not sure of her username (yes, a female, and from Manchester if that narrows it down...
  14. npuk

    MB Crystal Steering Badge

  15. B

    Crystal Palace Sprint photo gallery

    If you live in or near London and you didn't go you should be kicking yourself! Another great weekend of sprinting at Crystal Palace, great cars and some very committed driving = great fun Photo Gallery 2011 Crystal Palace Sprint Photo Gallery | Bolide Nick Froome Bolide | Historic...
  16. S

    SL320 Crystal Clear Projector Headlights

    I'm new here, so Hi everyone! :p Could anyone help me with this.. I have an 2001 SL320 and I'm wanting some clear xenon headlights for it. Does anyone know where I can get any? :D Thank you. :)
  17. EDZ649

    Classic racing at Crystal Palace 1964

    I just love the voice over and the music :) YouTube - BSCC Crystal Palace 1964
  18. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Crystal Clear Corners

    After having them fitted to my car for the past year I have decided to go back to OEM :) So im selling my Aftermarket E-Marked (Fully legal & MOT safe) W202 Crystal Corners. The lights are in pretty good nick, they have never leaked in water and have no cracks on them and all contacts are...
  19. D

    W124 crystal clear projector head lamps with HID kit!

    Merdedes W124 Crystal Clear Projector Lights + HID kit! on eBay (end time 23-Jan-10 15:03:57 GMT)
  20. D

    W124 LED rear light crystal clear

    Mercedes W124 LED Rear Light complete with bulbs. on eBay (end time 23-Jan-10 15:20:30 GMT)
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