1. merc85

    cls 55k Damm! lol

    I so wish these were 5 seater's :/ Colchester only 17 miles up the road from me :( Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG | eBay
  2. R

    Damm and Blast

    I sent my red kompressor rocker plate cover to be powder coated black. Guess what its gone missing via the post office.I gave them a box with the stamps on so it was easy to post back. Has any one got a spare one ???????????? or the part number?? R170449 2.3 facelift MY2000 Theres one on...
  3. Seamster15

    Damm - Just sold the C Class (W202)

    Trouble is I wasn't planing for it, it was such a good car that I was going to keep it untill it died. Just got an offer I couldn't refuse and boom its gone! So what to replace it with? It was really the wifes station car so I don't want to spend too much. I'm thinking CLK.....
  4. stevesey

    Damm - missed 4 202 Sport wheels

    Not desperate for them, so wasn't a high priority while at work and I forgot. Two spare ones to DIY refurb and cycle around as the tyres wear would have been good. Also I could have probably got a friend to collect them for me - so even with only one photo to go on £31 looks like a bargain punt...
  5. R

    Damm and blast

    I was all geared up for a mid service oil change today,purchased the oil/oil filter/special tool to remove the filter,went round my pals house.Removed the under shield and guess what?no sump plug:crazy: My question is i have seen an oil extracter made by sealy that will suck the oil out of...
  6. pluggers

    "OUCH" Damm hail storm

    Anyone just had a hail storm.We just had one here,only lasted about 5mins but the ground is 1/2inch deep in them now :eek:
  7. S

    damm that cupholder

    Ok, I,ve just fitted the retractable cupholder from MB in my W210 TD. Thing is it's designed for a left hand car and the cup is just too near my wandering elbow. I was in a W210TD Taxi (funnily enough) in Munich last week and the cabbie reckons they do a RH version ???, but I can't find it...
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