1. T

    Any good c350e leasing deals around?

    Had someone call me to try to sell me a c350e estate lease recently. The offer was £333/month on a 9+23 at 10k (so that works out to £10656 for 2 years, or £444/month all-in) and I was wondering if that was a good deal? BTW, the spec was for sports with premium pack and metallic paint. The...
  2. E

    New E Class Coupe Deals

    Hey chaps, Anyone know of any good deals on the new E-Coupes, my brothers looking for the below E220D AMG Auto Coupe 20” Alloys White 9+35 Personal Contract.
  3. T

    Just Seen Some C-Class Deals

    I was browsing through and in the offers they have loads of C-Class models with about £9-£12k off list. Not pre-registered either. That's 30+% discount on some of them. Dip your bread. Oops, I looked again. There's E-Class, S-Class, SLS, GLC as well. .
  4. C240Sport97

    any one seen any car battery deals recently

    looking for a Bosch S4 80Ah. Thanks. Turns out that Bosch's warranty is 1 year only. Outlets then add their own additional year(s) warranty. I was surprised by this. My 18 month old S4 in my GT3 just died - very surprised as Bosch batteries supposed to be of good quality. Unfortunately...
  5. D

    AMG Deals???

    Hi all, Are there any good AMG deals around at the moment? I need to hand back my E63 shortly and not sure whether to stay with the brand or not. I would probably consider the C63 or GLC43 if there are deals to be had. Any ideas??? Cheers!
  6. A

    MB Dealer, deals.

    Hi all, again... Another newbie question. MB dealer sales, has anybody recently experienced good discounts or MB related incentives with their purchase? i.e. free servicing or extending warranty cover? Not the usual paint protection and GAP insurance malarkey.... I have seen some MD...
  7. Jim55

    Remap deals ?

    Anybody doing deals on a remap just now ( in Scotland preferably - or close ish ;)220 cdi ecu out job
  8. S

    Black Friday Deals?

    I don't really subscribe to this Black Friday thing, it's all old **** like Polaroid TV's, but I might pop to Tesco at midnight to watch pale, fat, ugly white women who arrive in smashed up Vauxhall Zafira's fight over them. Anyway, I did get a good deal on a Eurocharged tune and MyGenius a...
  9. CardinalZeus77

    Freedom Contracts A45 AMG and C63 deals

    Hi just had an email from Freedom Contracts if anyone is interested in the deals. Mercedes A45 Pre Reg AMG 4Matic 5Dr Auto Solid White, Cosmos Black Interior -Black With Red Contrast Stitching ** 18" AMG Alloys, Standard AMG Roof Spoiler, Artico Leather Interior etc ** Cars Are Brand New &...
  10. developer

    How Birmingham Deals With RR Drivers

    I told him to get out of the fast lane, but... Mass brawl on city street: Time to get tough say Mail readers - Birmingham Mail
  11. Sazzyb

    Deals on new C63s order

    Hi folks, I was wondering if their are any deals to be had on a new spec'd C63S coupe in terms of discounts and deposit contributions so that decent monthly payments could be achieved. I am toying between M3/M4 or the C63S so any info would be great.
  12. PhilT

    New C63 Coupe PCP Deals

    Hi, Has anybody tried to contact the dealers or other suppliers to see what offers or discount they can get on both the C63 coupe & S?, If you would like to tell me via PM please do so. On the Mercedes site it looks like they have £799 per month, £5995 customer deposit, £3811.39 dealer...
  13. V

    C class coupe lease deals?

    Any good / short term (2-3 years) lease deals going around on the new C coupe? Looking for a 220d and with 4matic of possible and AMG line.. Or anything similar with the new C saloon or even E class?
  14. E

    FRIDAY Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight!

    Shop Now Triple QX 5W30- Triple QX 5W40- Triple QX 10W40- USE DISCOUNT CODE-FORUMMBCLUB Get up to 25.5% discount using the code
  15. E

    Daily Deals Bank Holiday Sale Ends tonight!!

    Triple QX Syn Plus 5W-40 fully synthetic motor oil is blended in the UK with the highest quality base stocks and advance additive technology. Benefits: -Ultimate oil for high-performance engines -Low drag which means more power and lower fuel consumption -Reduced need for top-up through...
  16. S

    Freedom contracts Merc deals.

    I'm on Freedom contracts mailing list and these MB deals just landed in my inbox in case they're of interest to any members. W205 for 340ish/month seems a good enough deal. Mercedes GLE Coupe 350D AMG Line with Metallic Paint 9 + 23 10K PA £399.99 + VAT Mercedes A180P Sport Manual 5 Door...
  17. K

    Best lease deals on a GL

    Can anyone advise who is currently doing the best deal on a lease GL. I don't mind 2 or 3 year with a 6 up front and 10k a year. Thanks in advance
  18. L

    Best pcp apr deals

    what is the best pcp apr deal anyone has had.I am just about to do one and was trying to get the best deal,many thanks.
  19. E

    Looking for deals for E350 Bluetech coupe

    Hi Chaps, A friend is in the market for a E350 Bluetech AMG Line eiditon on a 2 year deal. Personal contract hire with 10k p/a Anyone seen any good deals out there. cheers
  20. I

    Mercedes C63 deals on PCP?!

    Any help much appreciated. Looking to PCP a Merc c63 (current shape) in the new year on a 36month lease with as small deposit as possible. Spoke to someone I know from school who works for Merc via FB and the prices were ridiculous considering new one is due very shortly! Heres the...
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