1. BAZZER1

    Windscreen demisting

    Hi Guys I have a problem demisting the front windscreen of my 2002 W210 E Class e320cdi Estate. It would appear that the two front windscreen dash vents are not working even when the fan is turned to maximum, The side vents are working ok, I have followed the setting instructions for this in my...
  2. ScottBacon

    Demisting the windscreen

    Do any of you guys have problems getting the windscreen on the inside cleared in on a frosty morning. Mine is absolutely s***e ! I have to wait about 10 minutes for the thing to clear. I use the button on the centre console for 'quick' clearing the front screen - am I doing something wrong ?? :dk:
  3. M

    Demisting Vents

    I've noticed that if I switch to demist a lot of air comes out onto the screen from the mesh/grill in the centre of the dash but none out of the slots that run the full length of the screen. If I then switch back to Auto and then hit demist again suddenly air does come out of these slots...
  4. A


    Why isn't my car de-misting properly? My "new" 2005 E320 takes ages to clear the windscreen. Seems to be quite slow for the heating to get hot ... if that sentence makes sense? Got in last night. Windscreen had a film of ice on it. Heater on and sat freezing waiting for the inside to...
  5. D

    2005 SLK front screen not demisting

    Hello everyone, I have a 2005 SLK200 with standard aircon, 33K miles. Today I noticed that the front screen was misty, so I pressed the front screen demist and the screen did not clear. This is what happens when the demist is on: 1. Blower fan goes to full speed (correct). 2. Air temp...
  6. Wizeng


    What do you use inside your windscreen to help prevent misting at this time of the year? P.S. Happy Christmas to everyone in case I don't post again before.:thumb:
  7. Lockhart Flawse

    W124 demisting

    Hello, I am finding that my recently acquired W124 takes an absolute eternity to demist. Do they all do that or am I doing something wrong? L.F.
  8. vincenz

    W124 Wind Screen Not Demisting

    All When I select the fan position to windscreen on the dial on the right it no air is blow from the vents at the base of the wind screen. It works on all the other positions (feet, vents etc) just not on the windscreen / up arrow. It does sound thought like air is trapped or 'squeeling' when...
  9. MarkP80

    SLK poor demisting

    Hi guys, Looking really to get other people's opinions on the standard of the screen clearing on an SLK on a morning. Now the winter seems to be really upon us, my wife (it's her car) is starting to see how poor this is (it's a year old). She'll get in the car, drive off, then have to stop 100...
  10. C

    Wing mirror demisting

    The first day of heavy frost and I've just realised how long it takes my wing mirrors to defrost on my S430 (W220) The nearside one seems to clear just the outside half of the mirror and the off side seems to struggle to clear anything but mist ... everything else works ok so I guess the fuses...
  11. N

    Windows not de-misting

    Hello Folks I recently became the proud owner of my first ever mercedes benz :D and consequently a new member of MBClub UK :) So far am very happy with the car, its a beautiful car that drives really nicely and its the right colour. However, there is a small problem. The windows...
  12. jasohal

    Windows not demisting

    Hi, I am having trouble keeping the windows demisted whilst driving on Motorways /town in cold weather. I am getting my A/C gas recharged as when I switch on AC and set temp to cool nothing is happening. The controls also have a window demisting button - this does not seem to have any...
  13. W

    W124 no demisting air flow...

    Hi there - I am driving a friend's E280 Estate with the option to buy; I love the car but there is no airflow from the top demisting vents, regardless of the vent control's position. There is the slightest trickle of air on the right side at full blast, nothing from the left. I am wondering...
  14. D


    2 questions,I have a new 203 C-Class when I switch demisting on it makes the sceen worse for about 5 secs, completely misting it up , do they all do this or am I doing something wrong? Also how do I switch on the heated door mirrors?
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