1. D

    Specialists in Devon

    Hi guys. I'm new today. I just wondered if anyone can recommend a good dealer in or near Newton Abbot. Recently or regularly used. Cheers Del
  2. O

    Hotel in Devon

    Can anyone suggest a good hotel in Devon for a quiet mid week break? Not worried about where in Devon but a fairly isolated location would be nice with grounds for just dossing about. Have to give bh a much needed break from stressful job!
  3. W

    A quick hello from Devon

    Hi all, Fingers crossed I'll be purchasing my first Mercedes on Sunday! It's a '94 c220 sport manual. It's pretty rough around the edges but absolutely sound mechanically (or so I'm told) but a little bit of cosmetic work should keep me out of trouble. I have to confess I'm completely new...
  4. B

    New Member from Devon

    Hi every one i just brought my first 2003 e220 and its great Awesome forum you have
  5. M

    newbie from devon

    Just to say hi i drive a vito w638 and just converted it to a camper,so i hope to get a few pointers to help improve on what i have done so far
  6. K

    HI from south devon

    Hi all just saying hello. Im very new to merc ownership i have a 04 vito 115 cdi auto. overall im happy with it not too much rust he he. hope to lower it and put better wheels on it. and possibly a remap. But to be honest it goes quite well. Is there much that can be done to improve economy...
  7. X

    recommended place in Exeter, Devon

    Hi, Can anyone recommend good place to properly clean and sort my new "baby" in Devon, ideally in or around Exeter ? It looks like it was parked for while and has horrible green mould marks around window seals and sunroof. Im not **** and don't plan to go to shows but want it looking like it...
  8. X

    specialist Merc/AMG garage in Exeter, Devon

    Hi, I have just purchased my C55T and would like to get some help and advice from you. Can you recommend anyone in my area who will look after my car properly ? Thank for help in advance!!! Dom
  9. Benplym

    Top Notch Sprayers Devon Found

    Yay a quick post as people are always looking for a decent Repair Man and there are not many decent ones around my area at all. Well I have found one or 2 actually. I went to 6 or 7 different places some were recommended, they all had shoddy work outside or tried to charge brain surgeon money...
  10. C

    Nokian Winter Tyres for sale (Devon)

    We have a set of 4 Nokian WR A3 235/55R17 103V XL tyres, which we used on last winter. We've now sold the car and no longer need the tyres, but rather than put them on fleabay, I thought we'd offer them on here first to be helpful. They are all in good condition and have been carefully...
  11. J

    Specialist Southwest Devon and Cornwall

    Any recommendations for an independent specialist in Devon/Cornwall. 2001 CLK320 petrol. Engine is not picking up well on throttle too well and does not run up to top speed. Last garage in Exeter that looked at it and said it was the plugs. Then after changing about 6 (£521) later, and no...
  12. developer

    Paington Devon And The Surrounding Area

    This week there will mostly be a black E63 wagon taking in the sights :cool:. I'll look out for friendly waves (and perhaps a couple of coffee bean shakers) :D. Any "must see" attractions, please let me know.
  13. R

    Regcheeseman signing in from North Devon

    Roight moi lubbers! I've been half heartedly eyeing up old Mercs for a while, and now I'm starting to get more serious, I thought I'd join a forum and hopefully get bit of knowledge before I take the plunge. I'm looking for a 70's 80's Merc, preferably of the oil burning ilk, I've done a...
  14. simonafloat

    Specialist in North Devon?

    Hi all, Looking for a specialist in North Devon - Our nearest appears to be Coverdale II in Newton Abbot and thats a 90 minute drive from us... A friend has been using Quay Garage in Barnstaple for his Mercs with no complaints but they don't have STAR. Thanks! Simon '02 ML270
  15. devonmercgirl

    Hello from Devon

    Hi Guys and Girls, Newby here, first time merc owner ( well the other half is but its still mine! lol ) 2002 clk500 avantgarde. pretty pleased with it except a few bits and pieces which i will no doubt bug you all with as they need sorting, but for now a big hello from me! :D Becky aka...
  16. 300CE

    300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van"

    :eek: 300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van" Camper | eBay
  17. I

    Anyone here from Crediton in Devon able to help out a fellow Forum Member

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone on this forum lived in this area. I have seen a Merc I quite like and was wondering even if someone could have a quick viewing of it for me. please email me pm me :) Thank you :)
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    Great beaches in South Devon - suggestions?

    We're regular visitors to South Devon, but it's only in recent years we've really spent time on the beach. We tend to go to Blackpool Sands most, but sometimes venture out to Slapton Sands, or Goodrington Sands. Can you suggest alternatives within say an hour-or-so drive of...
  19. Q

    Greetings from South Devon

    Just purchased a late 2005 C200 CDi Saloon with 63,000 on the clock. This is my first Mercedes (previous cars having been Rovers, Land Rovers and Vauxhall). I drive a Hybrid also. Having spent the last two weeks getting the dealer to put a few items right I am now looking forward to enjoying...
  20. bingo999

    Calling all Devon and Cornwall Members

    Just at an ideas phase atm and also depends on uptake but would be good to get to know who in this area are on the forum and organise a meeting to get to know eachother i know im possibly one of the younger ones so maybe a pub or something if not just a random car park somewhere lol. like i said...
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