1. P

    Dial Test Indicator stupid question

    Am I right in assuming that each marker is 0.01? Just need to be sure :o

    s500 heater dial bulbs

    S500 w140 anyone know how to replace the bulbs on the 4 dials to the heaters one is out only thing on the whole car that don't work and is bugging me now lol
  3. JB1984

    Is there a speed dial option in w204 command?

    Morning all, I've just had my dr520 delivered yesterday, and one thing I've found really useful on bmw's is the buttons which you can assign to speed dial contacts from your phone with one touch. Is there a similar system in COMMAND? I've had a read of the manual but it's not exactly clear to...
  4. D

    blower dial light out and other issues

    Air distribution control dial switch out When i switch on lights at night, the control for air distribution doesnt get lit up. How do i fix this. Suspected the bulb was out and replaced it but no luck. The light that goes on to show you are in D or whatever gear at night sometimes illuminates...
  5. G

    W163 ml500/55 amg dial clusters

    Hi. Can anyone here tell me if a speedo dial cluster from a 2003 ML55 AMG is compatible to fit into a 2002 ML500? Thanks
  6. H

    W124 Dasboard centre air vent wheel/rotary dial?

    OK, so I was adjusting the centre air vent today with the little wheel that opens and closes it, and I've managed to push the wheel into the vent assembly slightly. I don't think anything is broken, but it means I can no longer close the vents. Any takers on how I can pop the wheel back...
  7. T

    Sell one like thisRARE 1997 Breitling Aeromarine Shark Automatic Blue Dial 100ft

    Hi, For sale is my Shark Automatic Breitling with the more unusual blue dial. The watch had a service in 2008 which included new hands and dial refurb so looks mint. Original paperwork included with box both inner and outer. Watch keeps good time. Please feel free to...
  8. Pottering

    Air Con dial question

    Can anybody tell me what the dot on the fan dial (shown in the yellow square in the photo) relates to? It is a notch for the dial, but I can't work out what it is supposed to do. Pottering :confused:
  9. P

    W212 Lighting Dial - Is it Backlit?

    Can anyone confirm, does the light switch illuminate when it gets dark? Mine doesn't - Not a big issue as I leave it on Auto and never touch it, but it doesn't look right
  10. proser

    Dial Height Gauge

    As new, used a few times, complete in wooden box £35 delivered uk mainland
  11. R

    W 211 headlight selector dial illuminated?

    Hi all. Have noticed my light selector knob is illuminated but not the dial. Although if I select the fog lights the separate indicators near the dial come alight. Is this how it's supposed to be?... can't see what mode I'm selecting in the dark (parking lights, auto, low beam etc) If not...
  12. T

    W210 Heater with 'dial' controls

    The fan speed seems to increase / decrease or stop then start up again (eventually) at whatever speed setting you set it too. I have been told it could be the brushes but would this cause the fan to increase speed as I would have thought if the brushes were worn the fan speed would be slower or...
  13. T

    W210 Heater with 'dial' controls

    The fan speed switch seems to increase / decrease and stop at whatever speed setting you set it too. I have been told it could be the brushes but would this cause the fan to increase speed as I would have thought if the brushes were worn the fan speed would be slower or stop completely. Any help...
  14. D

    Dial a Phone Rant

    I did a stupid thing the other day... Ordered a phone from Dial a Phone, The story so far... Called up Wednesday evening to order a HTC HD2 on the Orange network. I specifically said to the sales guy that I DO NOT want to sign up unless you can garuntee me delivery for this Friday... I don't...
  15. vincenz

    W124 Heater Control Dial

    Hi After replacing the blown bulbs on my heater I destroyed the one of the dials with some mole grips when they slipped! Does anyone have one of the dials? I have attached a picture for reference. Thanks in advance
  16. butty871

    w202 temp light & rev dial light has gone out

    hello can anyone help ? the LED temperature back light has gone out and now the rev counter back light has gone (only half ) any advice on how 2 fix this is it easy and simple? thank you
  17. B

    White Dial's

    Hi All, Have a set of white dial's with chrome rings for sale for a SEC.....
  18. M

    380 SEC 1985- Need new clock and dial instruments

    Hi there, my uncle has a Mercedes 380 SEC and basically the dials for the clock and speedometer are not working. I am not sure if there is a way to get a second hand cockpit to help resolve this. At the moment, the parts arent available. Can someone help me in what is the best way to obtain...
  19. vincenz

    How-to: Change W124 Temperature dial bulbs

    One of the temperature dial bulbs on my W124 had failed when I bought it, and as I couldn't find a how-to on changing them I thought I would knock one up. Tools required: Phillips Screw Driver Flat Head Screw driver Adjustable spanner Replacement bulb (s) (12V 0.4W) 1. With the pliers remove...
  20. culpano

    New BT Freestyle 210 handsets - no dial tone

    Perhaps I am being really thick here but.... I've just bought a pair of Freestyle 210 handsets, charged it overnight and set it up this morning. Everything seems to be powered up but when I press the talk button there is no dialtone. Do I have to be with BT for it to work ? I moved to...
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