1. V8AMG

    Lewis Hamilton drifting c63s

    https://youtu.be/uyTuaY9kuPg Makes it look easy.
  2. Howard


    Some kids will drift anything :D xZGBnfWvasM
  3. Bobby Dazzler


    We've had fairly heavy snow over the last couple of days. But yesterday we drove past drifts the likes of which I've not seen anything like in my thirty-something years on this planet. These were as high as our W164 ML, and were taken just outside Birmingham in a typical suburbia street scene.
  4. Dieselman

    Drifting 2cv

    What do you make of this video? It looks like a suitable ending to me. Z2FIsJhNQ-Y
  5. John

    Drifting / powersliding.

    So I spent an enjoyable 4 hours at Brands Hatch on Thursday learning to spin the wheels constantly whilst learning to do doughnuts, figure of 8 and weaving in and out of cones... finished off with a professional taking you out and trying to scare you to death. I found doughnuts and figure of 8...
  6. bpsorrel

    World record attempt at drifting in a C63 or E63..

    Anyone planning on a trip to Mercedes World this weekend will be able to watch an attempt at the world drifting record in either a C63 or E63! Write up here: Drifter 'to smash world record' - Autocar.co.uk and here...
  7. M

    Drifting to the left....and not politically..

    Hi all, Noticed a week or so ago that the CLK was drifting very slightly to the left on level and straight road and there's a small degree of pull on the steering wheel. (C209 200K) Checked the tyre pressure and balancing. Both spot on. I've had a look at all the bushes on that side and...
  8. KillerHERTZ

    E63 AMG Drifting in the Wet - Listen to that Amazing Sound

    Official Video: piVqob6SjLM That sound is truely amazing... :rock:
  9. jimti

    Truck Drifting

    I know it is a bit dodgy on a public road, but this is big and clever Clicky :rock::rock:
  10. timskemp

    Drifting a Binz...

    Autocar vid. http://www.autocar.co.uk/VideosWallpapers/Videos.aspx?AR=236739&CT=V
  11. M

    Car drifting to the left

    I have a C Class Coupe purchased recently from Merc direct. I've noticed it has a tendency to drift to the left. Is this normal for Mercs or should I take it back to the dealership as it's still under warrenty?
  12. timskemp

    Drifting Carlssons

    Hope this hasn't been posted before - but this is ace (check out some of the other videos from the same account too - the F430 one is mad) video of serious tyre warming
  13. Satch

    Top drifting skills!

  14. A

    Drifting in a SL55 AMG

  15. 230K

    Anybody who knows drifting will love this video.

    Hi One horse power drifting. Your gonna love this. http://www.joemonster.org/filmy/6157/Prawdziwy-wiejski-drift 230K
  16. jimti

    some serious truck drifting

  17. Dieselman

    Danger free drifting.

  18. scotth_uk

    Radio Controlled Drifting!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggqg6q5xegE Impressive
  19. pammy

    Happy Birthday - Machasm and drifting

    :bannana: :bannana: Hope you both have wonderful days - at least the sun is shining :D :D
  20. pammy

    Happy Birthday Drifting

    :bannana: :bannana: Have a great day drifting around Paul :D :D
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