1. c43 merc

    E270CDI Limp Mode

    Hi All, I have a 2003 E270 i am having a few issues with at the moment, it keeps going into limp mode everytime you use the turbo, the car will go into limp mode but if you switch the car off and restart it will be fine again until you use thr turbo again, this will happen a few times and...
  2. T

    W211 E270cdi temperature too low??

    Collected my new (to me) E270 yesterday and was surprised how low the temp gauge was. The outside temp was about 14c but the engine temp gauge struggled to get above 80 on the 200 mile drive home. It was warm and sunny and for 1 1/2 hours on the M6 it was stop go. Later I took an hours rest...
  3. T

    2004 E270cdi exhaust. Where from.

    The E270cdt I'm looking at needs a new exhaust on one side. I'll be using the cost of a replacement as a bargaining tool but I'm having trouble finding one at the likes of ATS. Is it going to be Merc main dealers only or am I missing something?
  4. A

    Help with purchase E270CDI Estate

    Hello all I am hoping to become a member of Mercedes users group and searching for "the one and only". Searched the forum for do's and don'ts when buying, aware of SBC issues etc but I came across one I like, just looking a bit low on suspension, would you guys share your valuable opinion...
  5. B

    Abs ring s211 e270cdi

    Hi all Any guides on removing driveshafts to replace magnetic abs rings? Thanks
  6. E

    e270cdi what is this

    Hi folks, car underpowered w211 e270cdi and believe it is intake manifold issue. Took the engine cover off and noticed a cap with resovoir sitting on top of manifold. When unscrewed it has a small dipstick.What is it, what is it for? Do i need to top it up, there is a very low level of oily...
  7. T

    2002 e270cdi

    I have decided to sell my 2002 Mercedes 270CDI. This car was bought for my wife 3yrs ago and put into a MB approved dealer in Warrington for service and appraisal. I instructed them to sort it out as I worked away so wanted it right. The end result is that the car had so much work done that...
  8. P

    W211 e270cdi a,guarde 2003

    Just a feeler as I'm not really prepared to lose on this due to what I've spent in the year I've had it. i love the car but just not using it on long cruises where it can be enjoyed the most. For its age in excellent condition and the biggie SBC has been done:thumb: Looked around a lot before...
  9. bluederv

    W210 E270cdi import

    Does any other member have a E270 w210 rhd, only seen one other on eBay damaged last summer. Pain to insure as not sold in UK. Any help welcome , tried usual import companies, but still expensive for value of car and age of driver ??
  10. J

    W211 e270cdi 54reg seems to be hunting on tick-over...

    Hi all, my w211 e270cdi seems to be hunting a bit on tick over, the interior lights and headlights etc very slightly dim and brighten on the tick over and on the dash I quite often get the message saying 'convenience features temporarily unavailable...' Etc. could someone please tell me how I...
  11. P

    NEWBIE with e270cdi 2003, help needed

    Hi all I am the proud owner of a 2003 e270cdi avantgarde w211. It has few extras, panoramic roof (I love it) /heated front and rear leather/ drivers full electric seat & passenger half. First few days and I'm loving it, economy on motorway seems excellent. 320 miles on £45. A few...
  12. J

    How much engine oil W211 E270cdi takes

    hi planning to do service on my w211 E270 could any one tell me how much oil i need to buy before i could do the service on my car? Regards j:wallbash:
  13. T

    W211 E270CDI TPMS Display Mounting

    Guys, I would like to mount my aftermarket mini USB powered TPMS display, beside my rear view mirror, in my W211 E270CDI. I will need to hard wire a mini USB connector into the mirror housing. i need a perm, & ignition live. I know there are electrics in the mirror housing, but before I...
  14. Twistedmind

    E270cdi w211 MAF

    Looks like my car keeps going into limp mode. Pulled apart the air box, and inspected the MAF with a torch. Looks filthy. Question is do I swap the whol unit or just the sensor. Spotted a replacement sensor on eBay from GSF for 60 notes Am I barking up the right tree ??
  15. A

    serious 52 (2003) e270cdi gearbox malfunction

    Hello Fellow MB people Need help, advice, thoughts!! Found mpg going down over 1 month period during 500mile weekly commute from ~45mpg to 39mpg. Pulsing, vibrating and juddering of car around 40-60 then 70-80mph. Mechanic on holiday and advised me not to drive but had no choice. 2003 e270...
  16. mafya

    Merc w211 E270cdi FOR SALE

    I'm selling my E270cdi, I have listed it on Ebay but if any forum member wants it please contact me through the number in the ebay ad. Here it is= 2003 MERCEDES E270 CDI ELEGANCE AUTO BLUE FULL LEATHER & FSH | eBay This car has wanted for nothing and only selling due to child on the way and...
  17. mafya

    How much is my high mileage W211 E270cdi worth?

    Hi there, I have decided to sell my pride and joy Merc due to another child on the way and buying a shop. It is a 2003 (53 plate) 2.7 diesel Elegance model in Tealite blue with full grey non heated but electric leather, Audio 20 cd with 6disc in dash changer and 18inch Alloys with fancy twin...
  18. A

    E270CDI TurboCharger

    I have a bad turbocharger in my E270CDI year 2000 ( A612 096 05 99 ) Can I use one from E220CDI or E320CDI? Regards, Agnar Gudmundsson
  19. Gollom

    E270CDi (2002) - Valeo issue

    Did the E class have the same radiator issue as the C class?
  20. T

    w211 e270cdi Pre-facelift Airmatic Issue

    Guys, Have done a search, but just want to confirm something. I had my car lowered, with drop-links, & then whilst driving home, I noticed the rear of the car started bouncing. I pulled over, & saw the rear had dropped right down, with the rear wheels well in the arches, also the car symbol...
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