1. Meldrew2

    EPSON laser toner for C900 / C1900

    My laser printer has just died, and although there is a replacement on the way, it takes different toners. :mad: So I'm left with a shelf full of toner.:mad: To fit Epson C900, C1900, Minolta 2300W, 2300DL, 2350EN. Paid £30 or so each - I'll sell at £20 each - post £5 for any quantity...
  2. M

    Thinking about getting an Epson Aculaser C1100

    This would be a home offic printer for moi. Not printing that much colour (but need/want the facility). In my previous job i had a c900 so i know they are big brutes! any alternative suggestions based on your experiences guys before I go shelling out the dosh? Matt
  3. pammy

    Epson compatible ink cartridges

    As the title suggests I'm after Epson compatible cartidges. It's an R300 and I've been using compatible cartridges of late but have to say they have a tendency to leak and have been less than impressive. We're thinking of going back to Epson originals which cost an arm and a leg so just...
  4. mercmanuk

    epson printers inks

    ive just heared this morning as of tuesday 13th september it will be illegal for anyone to sell aftermarket ink cartridges for epson have just won a long court battle to stop this .imagine the money they have lost over the years,genuine black £21 aftermarket £1.50???. so stock up...
  5. pluggers

    Epson R300 Help

    I recently bought one of these about 2 month ago,Everything is fine apart from priting onto CD's/DVD's.The writing or the artwork will come out fine but when the job is finished and the tray ejects ready for me to take it out, an error messsage keeps coming up and I have to keep resetting the...
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