1. B

    Warrranty extension

    It seems to have come round very quickly but the warranty on my car will expire at the beginning of next month. I've been contacted about extending the warranty, and my initial feeling is that I would rather take the risk and cost if something goes wrong. My question to the floor is whether not...
  2. P

    2.5mtr Curly Towing Extension Cable...New & Sealed

    Bought this and forgot I had it. I paid £20.95 for it from my local caravan shop. Its still in the sealed bag that it came in. Caravan or Trailer. £10.00 plus postage at cost.
  3. m2287

    First home, we want an extension.

    OK so we bought our first house August 2011. It was a complete dive, and we have done it up, painted EVERYTHING, new kitchen, and new bathroom. The property is semi detached corner plot, 2 double bed, with 1 bathroom downstairs, a smallish kitchen, lounge is ok size, and a decent front and back...
  4. ShinyF1

    Wireless Network Extension

    [Sorry put this post in wrong section originally] I have a new BT Infinity installation, upgraded from total broadband. Having dispensed with the HH3 because of its refusal to allow me to connect another via a cable to create a wifi access point to extend my wireless network, I have a new...
  5. R

    Help with Fire Regs building a Loft Extension

    Hi Guys We are in the process of designing a loft extension and one isse that is causing us a headache is the need to have a "protected exit". Our ground floor is open plan. We have been advised that we would need to put in a wall on the ground floor that seperated the stairs fromn the rest...
  6. H

    Extension cable

    Hi I got a new GPS Antenna from Command on-line and as I have a S211 I need a extension for the cable, where is best to get one from ? Hog
  7. jonnyboy

    house extension pricing help

    Hi guys advice required. Excuse the "third person-type scenario", IYKWIM ;) Picture the scene:- 15 months ago highly recommended contractor gives quote for 115m2 extension, adding 4 bathrooms, quite a lot of steelwork as existing house is somewhat unusual construction. Comes out around...
  8. Londonscottish

    Congestion Charge Western Extension - Scrapping Confirmed

    At long last it's confirmed - the Congestion Charge Western Extension IS to be scrapped at the end of the year. Speaking as someone who lives 5 minutes north of it been massive pain in the a**e ever since it came in. More that 80% of residents and 90% of local businesses voted against its...
  9. gurpz

    W202 AMG Wheel Arch Extension Trims

    C CLASS AMG WHEEL ARCH EXTENSIONS GENUINE SET OF 4 W202 on eBay (end time 25-Jun-10 18:23:15 BST)
  10. Levismerc

    M110 water pump - shaft extension or not?

    Hello all I'm replacing the radiator on my 280CE and it seems to make sense to renew the pump while I'm at it. My dilemma is that my parts supplier list two pumps for my car - with or without shaft extension. Which do i need? The car is an '83 model, auto transmission, no aircon. The...
  11. rajinder_1

    60cm Seat Belt Extension

    Hi Guys, I have a seat belt extension for sale £12.00 + postage (whatever it costs) BRAND NEW FULLY ADJUSTABLE 60CM UNIVERSAL SEAT BELT ENTENSION Extends existing seat belt by up to 60cm (70cm including belt release unit) Fully adjustable E marked and fully compliant with...
  12. Londonscottish

    Congestion Charge Western Extension SCRAPPED!

    YES!! Boris announced today he's scrapping it! Stupid idea in the first place. Opposed by 75%-95% of people in various official poles before and during the scheme. No effect on air quality. Congestion actually went up! (90% discount for residents wanting to drive into the West End....)...
  13. jeremytaylor

    London Congestion Charge Extension to be scrapped

    In a rare example of politicans doing what they said they would do :rolleyes: , Boris Johnson, Mayor of London is to scrap the Congestion Charge Western Extension, as promissed when he was running for election earlier this year. Consultation produced 28,000 repsonses. 67% of residents and 86%...
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    Earphone extension lead - and electronics suppliers

    I need to lay my hands on some earphone extension leads for normal 3.5mm stereo earphones at short notice. Maplins have them at £4.99 for 1.5m and £5.99 for 3m. Can anybody think of another supplier? My Maplin doesn't quite have enough in stock for what I need - and cheaper would be...
  15. T

    12v socket extension.

    I am wanting to fit a 12v power socket to the rear of the centre console in my W210 for the my nippers DVD / Games etc. Does anyone know if the stealers supply the socket with a flip up cover on it, and if so the part number & cost? If they don't could anyone suggest a supplier. Thanks for...
  16. A

    Warranty Extension - Worth It??

    Hi Guys, I have a CLK 270CDI on a 53 plate. My warranty is due to expire and I'm wondering whether it is worth extending via MB. The costs I have been quoted are: £547 for 12 months, or £1067 for 24 months. Having had the car for a few months I have already had the motor mechanism etc...
  17. F

    MCX Extension Cable

    Anyone know where I can get an MCX extension cable for my GPS antenna? Thanks!
  18. SilverSaloon

    Where Would I Buy An Extension Lead For This?

    hi my speed camera detector has a "power adaptor" style power input. I need to extend this so i can route the wire around the car's trim for a neat installation. anyone know where i can get an extension lead for it? its the plug that looks similar to below (like a normal power adaptor u...
  19. Stratman

    Extension tube on roof???

    I have just put my C180's VIN into this very useful site (thanks Rose Chap for the link) and I find that it has option 955 extension tube on the roof, front equipment package elegance (с 01.11.1991) Assuming it's not for in-flight refuelling, what on Earth is an "extension tube on...
  20. jeremytaylor

    Congestion Charge Extension

    Ok, so it may not immediately affect those outside London. But it will in years to come as the principle spreads, what with the money Labour are offering to town councils to bring it in. I could sort of see the logic of the central zone - a mostly business area with plenty of public transport...
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