1. R

    FAO MrHanky

    Hi mate. I would like to speak to you re the icarsoft as I'm interested in buying it but I haven't been able to PM you or reply to the ad as I haven't got 30 posts. Can you reach out to me pls?
  2. S

    FAO amgant

    Hi amgant I have tried to reply to your PM, but it looks like its not getting to you, nothing showing in my sent box. Yes they are still for sale. Regards Ian
  3. hotong86

    Fao rebellion automotive

    Hi. I'm just wondering do you guys respond to pms? Messaged you guys over a week ago now and no response. If this is the sort of customer service you guys provide, then please ignore my enquiry on parts for the cla.
  4. R

    FAO Mr Fixit

    Hi -- I haven't passed the 30-post count so can't reply to your post about the C55 and your daughter's planned masters. Drop me a line please!
  5. C

    FAO Palmball (Maserati)

    I seen your posts over at Piston heads, wondering if you could shed some light on the variator issue which looms over younger QPs? Any help is welcome.
  6. Ant-toe-knee

    FAO Prestige car service

    What's the difference in ride height on the W211 saloon avantgarde and sport ? Plus cost wise to lower my avantgarde what I'm I looking at. I also have the W211 18" sport alloys on it.
  7. T

    FAO: Gollom - RE BenzedUp

    Sorry guys, cannot post in the thread in the forsale section but thought id best let Gollom know. Re: Joe and the C320, I have paid a £500 deposit last week on it and hoping to collect this week at some point. Cannot wait either :cool:
  8. Satch

    FAO serious dog people only: Pepper & Salt Giant Schnauzer puppies

    No, not from me but friend of ours (who bred one of our dogs) and has no less than five still available right now. Last litter snapped up before they were born but a lot less interest now. Sign of the times perhaps. Pepper & Salt Giant Schnauzers are very rare to start with and these are...
  9. J

    Nooby C200 decat - fao BLACKC55

    HI all, im new to the board and Mercedes so please bear with me. i have a 54 plate C200 cdi, i struggled this evening to get the CAT's off and the second one seems blocked. can olly or someone supply decats, or indeed cat i decat it for the MOT? or just cut em open and empty them? cheers all...
  10. R

    Fao r2d2

    you should get the goodies i sent at some point of today.... All in One cleaner/shampoo etc.... Wax and QD.... Enjoy
  11. Crespo

    FAO KillerHERTZ

    Mate for some reason I can't reply to your build thread or send you a PM. here is a cut and paste of what I have been trying to say for the last ten minutes. Hopefully you get it. That looks the nuts. I am in the process of doing mine. Although I am doing it the easy way with a double din...
  12. H20 MRV

    Fao the don

    Hi, I cant post or pm you as yet but i will take both the the wheels you have for sale if still avalabe? I take it they just need a re-furb? Pm please!!
  13. W

    FAO KillerHertz - LED Bulbs

    Trying to PM KillerHertz regarding LED bulbs but inbox is full. Is there a For Sale thread for the LED bulbs?
  14. L

    FAO Charles Morgan

    Hi Charles, Apologies for the directness of this thread, but another forum member mentioned you might be thinking of selling your C55. As newcomer here, I can't PM, so if you're interested in selling at all please feel free to get in touch. Best wishes Luke
  15. Jukie

    FAO our Scottish west coast members

    If anyone lives in or near Ayr, could they send me a pm, please? Many thanks.
  16. N

    FAO Talbir, advice please!

    Hi Talbir I'm new here and need your advice, if you don't mind. A couple of years back, you commented on this thread.. http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/interior/52988-w124-steering-wheel-rake.html#post1235822 Is the modification you suggested, possible to do on a w124 that has no adjust to...
  17. Justin1600

    F.A.O billy whizz

    I cannot post on your AMG badge thread for some unknown reason , but i will have the badge mate. What is the part number, is it the correct one for a C43 AMG :thumb:
  18. W

    FAO Anyone who uses an iPhone 4

    A really important heads-up to anyone who uses an iPhone 4. There is a totally FOC application that you should enable that allows you to track your phone should you ever lose it. From any PC or internet connection, you can remotely lock your phone, wipe any data, and even send messages or...
  19. Justin1600

    F.A.O. BenzedUP

    Hi mate, I will have them PS3 games from you. I cannot access your thread for some reason :crazy: PM me your PAYPAL details and i will send the money over :thumb:
  20. A160DSB

    F.A.O. Nick Mercedes Metal Foor Trims

    Your inbox is full. Hi there, I'm looking for front and rear door trims for my W168 A160 Avantgarde. Howard told me to give you a message to find out if you have any? Cheers, Dean.
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