1. Doodle

    Windscreen fitters

    After 4 screens damaged on arrival, one incorrect screen and one no-show, my insurers have finally capitulated and are stumping up for someone of my choosing to do the job properly. Does anyone have any recommendations for independent fitters? Given that in most cases it will have been the...
  2. Satch

    Tyre fitters strike again...

    My sister & family pitched up late last night, staying overnight before heading off to Germany for Christmas & New Year. After years of me going on, they finally got around to getting a set of winter tyres fitted earlier in the week but last night much moaning that the car did not feel very...
  3. C240Sport97

    Tyre fitters in East London

    camskill prices are amazing .. £417 delivered for a set of 285/35 18 Conti Sport Contact 3 MO. just need to find somewhere to fit them properly and not damage my alloys. any suggestions much appreciated.
  4. Jukie

    Mobile car-audio fitters

    Has anyone ever used one? Can anyone recommend one? Preferably one that will travel up here to North Cumbria! TIA, David.
  5. B

    Comand retro fitters Auto Technic

    Hi does any one know if Auto Technic (Comand retro fitters) from Colchester are still in business - if so do you have their phone number?.Many thanks
  6. C240Sport97

    Mobile tyres fitters

    Following from this: I have sort of decided to be sensible (we are in the age of austerity and budget cuts after all) and have the wheels made round again and refurbed by Lepsons (who are highly recommended). Problem...
  7. W

    Bathroom fitters - cost?

    I want somebody to fit a new bathroom. Shower, loo, sink, flooring, tiling, etc.... What is the going labour rate for a reasonable fitter around worcestershire? I am thinking (hoping!) £200 - £300 per day. What do you think? Can anybody recommend a fitter near to Malvern?
  8. Gucci

    The anticipation of waiting for carpet fitters!

    I'm sorry. But what else can I do? I'm surrounded by furniture stacked up, waiting for (potentially) a cowboy to fit carpet for all of upstairs. I CANNOT stand the waiting for the (potential) arrival and the excuses for why the job cannot be done.... 1. They ain't give me no gripper mate 2...
  9. mercmanuk

    kitchen fitters

    i'm after some advise if we have any kitchen fitters on the forum. ive fitted a 900mm wide beakfast bar,ive rounded off the corners and fitted the edging strip and to be honest feathering the ege in looks crap,how should it be finished to make it flush with the bullnose edge.. cheers
  10. Tan

    Carpet fitters

    Hi Can anyone recommend a carpet fitter to fit carpet throughout our house in Woodford Essex. Thanks Tan
  11. L

    SLK 171 Brabus Body Kit Fitters Needed

    I live in the London area and want to uprade the body Kit of an SLK 171 to that of Brabus. I was wondering if anyone knows anyone in the London or the south east of England that does this upgrade. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. tmienterprises

    Any good fitters

    Hello all, Does anyone know a good garage in the London/ Reading area that would fit an external CD- changer to my current mb 10 audio - spoke to George Fraser, he does not do it. Also need to fit parking sensors, the other half has been lucky on a couple of occassions, but I know that my...
  13. W

    Tyre Fitters - Oh Good Grief!

    When are tyre fitters going to get their act together. Surely their profession isn't rocket science?. On Saturday I was getting some tyres fitted to the wifes car at a place near Hampton Court. I was watching some guy fitting tyres to a very nice new black E class cdi estate. The tyre...
  14. Mozzer

    Floor fitters

    Anyone know how much it should cost to get someone in to tile a 7 square metre floor - all materials supplied ?
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