1. 1945wickedred

    Fitting new twin tail pipes to SL350

    Hi has anyone had new tail pipes fitted to an SL350 or SL500 I am interested in having the AMG style 4 pipes fitted in place of the the original single pipe on each side,I think it can be done and hopefully give a better sound and maybe improved performance,look forward to any comments on this.:dk:
  2. J

    Gear electronic shifter been quoted £400 plus fitting?

    Wifes car stuck in first (2001 320 auto) 300 miles away from home . Tow truck took her to Mercedes indie who said that, maybe drink-etc, had damaged the gear changer electrics. Garage said it was a sealed unit, so difficult to get into the electonics. Only way was new replacement (£400), plus...
  3. L

    C Class SE Mudflap fitting

    Just got my new C Class 2013, Exec SE and bought from dealer the mudflaps. Wanted to fit today, but no instructions. Looks straight forward, but the number of fixings indicates that maybe some drilling is reqd ??? Anyone help ?
  4. rob prince

    17 inch amg allous fitting problem

    Please help Will official amg 17 inch alloys that where on a w167 2001 a class fit on a w168 2010 a class which is the face lifted model .... Surely there is not difference in wheel spec ??
  5. S

    Fitting Vito Rear Seats

    Hi all new to the website. Please help, been looking for information for a while. Here is my problem - I have a x reg 2000 108 vito. I have purchased genuine vito rear seats - the twin type with built in 3 point belt. They have four allen key headed bolts in the bottom and 2 push and twist type...
  6. C

    Fitting wheels from an SL55 to an SL500

    I am looking at a set of used multispoke AMG wheels for my R230 SL500. I know they are the right fitment and will be a pita to clean but I notice they have TPMS on them. Is this an issue on a non TPMS car ? I am curious about valve fittings. The wheels need refurbing - does the TPMS kit just...
  7. ringway

    C-Class - 202. Problems after fitting new Wiper Motor.

    I needed a new wiper motor for my S202. I had dismantled, so thought I'd go the quickest route to getting a replacement motor which turned out to be buying and collecting one of THESE - sameday and local - handy. The part number of the old motor is: A 202 820 2408. On the EuroCarParts...
  8. Marku

    Retro fitting Viano rear view video

    Any one know if this is possible and how do you get the COMAND unit out to see if it has a video input.
  9. M

    Need Info on Fitting a 2.24 Diff to a w124

    I am getting ready to fit a c250 turbodiesel to my 300ce and I am trying to sort out a diff. I am going to use the 300 gearbox as the ratios are the same as a 300d gearbox from what I have read so far. Now according to my maths I have worked out that a 2.24 will keep the rpms to mph just right...
  10. W

    210 fitting a new oil level sensor

    There is a possibility that I have a faulty oil level sensor in my 210 e280. This has been mentioned in another thread, and is still under investigation. Anyway, my garage has made initial investigations and reports possible difficulties in replacing the sensor because of very close proximity...
  11. N

    Fitting throttle body M103? 300SE

    I've ordered a second hand throttle body inc fuel distributor for my W126 300SE. Is it going to be a fairly easy DIY job to fit or should I really be getting a garage to do it? Is there any fine adjusting that will need done?
  12. SANJP

    K&N air filter fitting on w212 e350 cdi

    Has anyone fitted these in a W212 231 E350 CDI ? I bought mine from Larkspeed labelled to fit e350cdi but on opening up the air boxes I have what looks like two sealed paper filters that are triangular / wedge in shape, totally different to the K&N replacements ? please see pictures below...
  13. A

    Retro fitting Comand w204

    I have 2008 c200 w204 car. It has audio 50 or 20 dont know exactly. I want to retro fit comand ntg4 in it. I would like to know which item do I need exactly with part no. Any help will be appriciated.Thnx.
  14. swannymere

    Towbar fitting instructions for a S124 please.

    Looking for fitting instructions for the towbar pictured below, its for a 1994 S124. The towball is upside down for shipping.
  15. MB E63AMG

    Fitting a tow bar to an E63 estate??

    I am wanting to tow a car on a trailer to track days and wanted to use the E63 to tow this as I only have a small Ford Focus or Peugeot Partner van and feel they would both be too small to pull a car on a trailer. My problem is when I went to MB to get a tow bar fitted they say it can't be done...
  16. R

    donator speedbox c250 td fitting help please

    hi all, im new to the forum,ive recently purchased a c250 td, ive got a donator speedbox chip which i wish to fit to it, trouble is i have no fitting instructions,it has two wires which i believe join into the loom at the ecu for the rpm sensor,ive no idea which wire to join into, has anyone...
  17. WDB124066

    Fitting Heating Elements To A Non Heated 124 Seat.

    I have an option to buy a new MB-Genuine non heated seat for my heated seat 124. Is it possible to fit the elements to a non heated seat. What is involved and has anybody ever done this......?? Any constructive comments much appreciated, especially pictures of the underside of the covers. :) W.
  18. shanksy

    W124 fitting new window

    Next weekend i'll be swapping out the window from my current door to that of my freshly sprayed donor door. When it comes to refitting the window, are there any guidlines to the adjustment of the window. What is it that tells the windows to stop at the top? is it the position of the clamps...
  19. astamir

    Fitting parrot bluetooth

    I guys trying to fit a parrot hands free kit to my e class w211 and need to find ignition source wire and a battery source wire. Can anybody help me please? Thanks
  20. M

    Fitting after market head unit radio cd

    Hi Guys after trolling through the forum for the best part of this evening I cant really find the complete answer I am looking for a lot of the threads seem to be conflicting I have an after market head unit given to me by my son Halfords | Sendai CD789 CD Radio with MP3 Connectivity and I...
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