1. J

    Towbar fitting to c250 2014(64) without cutting bumper

    I wonder if anyone can help. We have recently purchased a 2014 (64) new shape c250 AMG line blurtec and after adcice was told we could have a detachable swan neck fitted without any cutting to the bumper. Today we have had the fitter arrive to tell us it does need cutting and there are no...
  2. BIG_G_1979

    advice on fitting camber bolts w211

    Hi guys since lowering my E via springs it is scrubbing the inside edge of tyres badly due to neg camber, ive have bought camber bolts from merc and was hoping you guys could explain on how to fit them, do's/donts pitfalls etc. I have access to a car lift. Do I need to support bottom arm when...
  3. I

    W124 Windsceen fitting vid, stunning stuff! Utterly enthralling, it's even got the eighties porn background music - if I remember rightly!
  4. Charles Morgan

    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    I met a very nice chap at Prescott hill-climb yesterday with an immaculate W201 2.6 litre 4 speed auto. He has a perfect 3 litre engine he wants to fit to give the car a bit more punch (it did exceptionally well on the hill-climb driving school). He thinks it is a straight swap, I identified...
  5. Charles Morgan

    Fitting a seat shock absorber

    My BMW M535i has 4 seat shocks fitted - two for height and two for backrest angle. All are a bit past it, the result being that if you try to adjust backrest angle the seat will simply collapse to horizontal. Not helpful on the move. I bought some replacements, and managed to fit the first...
  6. S

    W447 MB Mud Flaps - fitting instructions

    Hi all Newbie question as I searched and couldn't find the answer although some peeps seem to have mud flaps fitted. Got some MB mudflaps but there are no instructions with them. Fronts seem an easy fit having offered the up but, the rears not so. Anyone have any guides or guidance or the MB...
  7. T

    SBC pump fitting question

    Mine hasn't packed up, yet, but I was you need a dealer or Indi with special tools to change the SBC pump? I ask because I have AA parts and labour cover but my local Indi won't do warranty work, so I wondering if any competent repair garage can do it.
  8. T

    SBC pump fitting question

    Mine hasn't packed up, yet, but I was you need a dealer or Indi with special tools to change the SBC pump? I ask because I have AA parts and labour cover but my local Indi won't do warranty work, so I wondering if any competent repair garage can do it.
  9. D

    Fitting electric folding mirrors

    Hi All, Looking into fitting electric folding mirrors to our 2011 W204. The current ones are the arrow type but do not fold. I have noticed some mirrors have a small light underneath them and others do not. Does it matter if they have the light underneath? I think it looks cool :cool: Cheers
  10. M

    E class (W213) LED projectors fitting, easy..??

    Is it as easy as seen in this video..??
  11. XJ600

    Sat nav fitting

    Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket Sat Nav available to fit a 2011 pre facelift W204 c class. Just wondering, if there is anything available.
  12. merc85

    W211 e55k brembo rear fitting kit

    Hi, Does anyone have the part number for the Brake pad retaining Pins and Anti rattle shims for the rear of a w211 e55k please?
  13. Dannyallen89

    Aftermarket grill fitting wrong?

    Hey so I bought a grill off somebody online to go on my s204 tried to fit it and it looked crooked on my car but was fine on there's. They have a 2012 w204 mines a 2013 s204 is there anything different or was the grill maybe bent in transit. Thanks all Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  14. italian_cls55amg

    Fitting carbon front splitter and carbon rear defuser on cls 55 amg

    I've ordered a front splitter and rear defuser both in carbon for my cls 55 amg but need some fitting advise. I believe these items come alone with nothing to fit it to the bumper or instructions so i was wondering has anyone fitted these items to there car? Last thing i want to do is mess it...
  15. astamir

    w212 e class cab seats fitting in clk w208

    Hi guys! Was thinking to upgrade the seats and try to fit the seats from e class convertible i found a good shape and condition seats on eBay . Is it a mission Impossible or something can be done? I have never done any seats conversions. I would really appreciate if someone could help and thanks...
  16. clk320x

    CLK55 Backbox Fitting

    Quick question before I splash the cash, Anyone fitted a CLK55 backbox to a 320 V6 or similar.. Assume it should make exhaust louder/ nicer tone? Seems like it should be a straight forward fit at any exhaust shop? Cheers Abs
  17. S

    Thule Footpack 753 and Thule Fitting Kit 3026

    As the Title says, I have the Thule Footpack 753 and Fitting Kit 3026 which is used to attach roof bars onto the W211 E Class Saloon. These are in excellent condition, as only used a few times, and come with all the fitments, instructions and 2 keys. As per the description:- Elegant lowered...
  18. S

    Lowering a W202 - advice fitting springs

    I've finally purchased some Eibach lowering springs (<40mm) and I'm going to tackle fitting them myself. It's lower already as I understand the previous keeper changed the shocks and removed the spring pads. I was planning on buying original pads and then installing the springs to hopefully...
  19. chris3004

    Fitting Alarm on W124

    delete this please
  20. S

    Retro fitting Cruise control W246

    We are thinking of fitting Cruise control to our B180 SE on a 2013 plate, as we drive to Salou every summer and wondering if it's possible and has anyone done it already. Also would it have to be done through Mercedes or can it be done elsewhere. Thanks
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